Saturday, 17 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Chile

I choose Chile because I would really like to visit the country because it seems so interesting since it is the longest country in the world. I  choose Chile because apparently you can ski in the summer which is awesome since Auckland doesn't snow and I have never got the chance to ski. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2016 Reflection

This year we have been in tons of activities and loads of fun.  This collage reflects on the whole year of what LS2 have been doing like for example Rhythm Interactive, Soccer, Quick writes and many more. I enjoyed the multi-modal learning that we have completed this year this particular task was based on pigeons.   To make it more interesting and more of a challenge we decided not to use a collage maker and instead make our pictures layered and with different shapes.  This year has been really great I had a great journey throughout this year I can't wait to see what's in store for us next year. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Labyrinth - Film Study

During the start of the week we have been doing a film study of the movie " The Labyrinth".  We have been looking at the character introductions, narrative structure and after the movie we looked at our best parts.  My favourite part was when the villain came in the start. I really liked the camera angles of the villain. 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Head Girl Speech

Head Girl Speech
My name is Mia and I have been nominated for Head Girl.

I am a perfect choice for Head Leader because I have skills that suit the position.   
First I am confident, which means I will be able to make the school proud when representing in outside activities. I can take on this position with responsibility and with all the hard work and determination needed. For example I have completed majority of my work which leads to the fact that I have over 300 blog posts.
I also lead by example which works well for the school. Furthermore is that I can motivate others when they need my help, isn’t this a skill a leader needs?

I will strive to represent the school the best way possible and become the role model of our younger students I participate in all activities and encourage others to try their best, and never let anyone feel discouraged.
I also show great leadership by helping others if they are stuck on a task as well as my social interactive skills. I work well with others which makes me collaborative with my classmates and shows that I can work as a team which would be helpful since we are going camp next year.  

This concludes to my speech. To be able to call myself the Head Girl of Panmure Bridge School for 2017 would be a honour and privilege, this position is made for me and I will be able to prove this if I am the Head Girl for next year! Thank you.

This is my speech for my student leader nominee for head girl. When presenting this I was really nervous because I had to speak in front of the year 8's and my fellow yr 7 classmates.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to make a straw rocket

Have you ever wondered how to make a straw rocket? 

I worked collaboratively with Sajiha to make a step by step guide on how to make a straw rocket this was really helpful since we got a clear picture what to do next when we have to make a straw rocket again. We also added images if they didn't know what to do. I enjoyed writing this because it related to what we were doing in writing last week. 

Tahuna Torea Reflection

Yesterday afternoon we went to Tahuna Torea Reserve. This related to our topic flight because it was linked to the learning that we have done about the Bar-tailed Godwit or also known as the Kuaka. We explored the wetlands we observed the land. We were seeking the Bar-tailed Godwit but we sadly didn't see the bird. I also saw many different birds as well such as the Pukeko and the Grey Heron Bird. I had fun at exploring the reserve I hope to visit next time.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Last week at Tamaki College we were expected to study the launch of the rockets. To give us a slight example we got to study them. We first made our Hypothesis , Me and Zahra thought that it would go far if it was short because if it was light weighted it would be easier to go make a further distance. We also added in our aim of the experiment, we were trying to find out how many fins will affect the flight of the rocket.  If this doesn't work we would change the angle of the fins to make it have more grip and have more take off. I enjoyed measuring and predicting what was going to happen it sort of felt like reading. 

Rockets @ Tamaki Collage

I have made a collage to showcase our working at Tamaki College.  These photo's show many of the tasks we had to do. It displays us making straw rockets, designing paper planes and launching the rockets.  I really like the layout of this because it sort of in time order. 

Kuaka Migration

This our main focus in reading is Reciprocal reading.  Since our topic is Flight this related to the bird Kuaka or also know as the Bar-tailed godwit.  We started off with filling in our questions matrix this helps us to to think critically about an image by writing my own questions that will help me find the information in these pictures. We next had to make connections by , we had to write how we travel to places now, 30 years ago and 100 years ago. I thought ti was really easy but it had a twist you weren't allowed to search it up or use books. Furthermore, we had to write some problems to help establish and support the ideas. We then red a story about Kuaka , we first made predictions of what the text was about. We then red the story I thought this helped me with my synthesizing skills because I used my new knowledge and my old knowledge to my a new understanding.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hockey Session 2

This week in Hockey we had tons of fun playing games and passing the ball. We first warmed up with some warm up games then we played a game which, whoever had the same color sticks as you was in your team and if she said switch we would swoop the ball with someone else in your team I thought this was fun considering I am really bad at passing. Then we played another game that involved slide tackling but in Hockey. So you had to try and slide tackle a person and flick their ball out of the court the person with the last one standing wins. I really enjoyed our hockey lesson hopefully I get to learn more this term. 

Amy Johnson TImeline

For inquiry this week we made a timeline on a different aviator of our choice I choose to learn a bit more on Amy Johnson. At first I never knew who this person was but it was apparently a famous aviator that has broken many world records.   Amy Johnson was born in England she was one of the first pilots to ever fly from London , England to Moscow , Russia. I think this was amazing since there weren't that much women aviators that broke records.  

Are Pigeons Special or Pests?

Are Pigeons Special or Pests? 
For our last lesson on Pigeons we have been forming our own opinion whether Pigeons were pests or not.   Our group collaboratively worked together and made a DLO that showcased each different opinions that we all have. To make it more interesting we took a group picture and recorded ourselves informing our opinion. I thought this was a great idea because it's different and I have never tried things like this before.  So combining all our information together we synthesized in a different kind of way. Instead of getting your prior knowledge and your new knowledge together to make a new understanding we actually used our new knowledge and our other pieces of new knowledge and put it together. I found our reading topic really fun because we got to use our skills that we have learnt this year and really have good use of it.

Mia's Opinion 
Mahdia's Opinion
Charlize's Opinion 
Javeylor's Opinion

Reon's pinion
A.J.'s opinion 

Athletics Day

Today was the Panmure Bridge Athletics Day. We first were split into 3 teams for the Year 7 competition . The Year 8's had 3 teams as well and were battling it out to see who could win.   Since I was the captain for the year 7 team I had to show leadership by encouraging my fellow teammates, helping each other and leading by example. Our first activity we played was Basketball shoots this activity , we first had to try and shoot as many shots in as we can but we obviously had to get it in. Our total score for my team was 14. I thought we could have done better but it didn't stop us from going. We then moved onto a fun game called Rob the Nest. There were objects lying on the floor you then had a basket you had to pick the object up one at a time when the floor was all cleared you could steal one object from a team if you grabbed more than two you would be cheating. I thought this was fun but sadly we lost and came second again. Now we played Sponge relays. This was the most fun of all because you first had to zig - zag through the cones then grab the sponge jump over the two obstacles soak the sponge in the water jump over the 2 obstacles then squeeze the water out into the bucket the team with the most would win.  We displayed a lot of team spirit in this activity. I enjoyed this very much I can't wait for next year. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Jean Batten Timeline

This week in  inquiry our first task was to make a timeline in chronological order. This specific timeline was about the famous aviator Jean Batten since our Inquiry topic is Flight this would specifically be about aviators and pilots etc. I worked collaborative with Harlem and Mishaan. We first had to gather information about Jean then had to write it in time order followed by images. I learn so much about this person . I learnt that she is the first women to fly herself across the South Atlantic Ocean.

Friday, 18 November 2016


In hockey today we got to learn a few of the basics and some warm up games just to get a clear idea what was going on.  We first started with a warm up game we played Octopus. We then played a nice game which could help us control and be steady with the ball.  So it was exactly the same as traffic lights but with a hockey stick and a hockey ball. Red light was to stop,  orange light was to slow down a move the ball from side to side , green light was to go fast, silver was to go really fast and Purple was to go backwards but watching where you were going. I enjoyed this activity the most because it helped me more with a skill. Then next game was to juggle the ball with the hockey stick this would help maintain our focus on the ball.  The most I got in a row without dropping it was 12 I thought  I did pretty good considering I was really bad at Hockey.  We then ended off with a nice game which had a twist. You were split into groups then the coach would yell out a number then , say if she calls out 2 , 2 people from each group would run up and   try to score. I enjoyed this lesson because it helped me more of maintaining and controlling the ball. 

Year 7 Team Building

In this weeks leadership lesson we continued to work on our team building.  We got faced a challenge  that involved working as a team. So we got into groups of 4 then got given 5 rubber bands and 10 cups. It sounded odd but it kept me thinking.  We had to make a carrier with the 5 rubber bands because we had to stack the cups into a pyramid. But we had to work as a team and collaborate to complete because I learnt that a successful team  works with each other, learns from each other and helps with each other.  Since we are starting to grow leaders I figured that we had to start working as a team. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Speech Marks

Our focus in writing today was to understand how to use and punctuate dialogue. Followed by creating a DLO that helps others learn exciting ways of using dialogue in writing. I worked with Nesi. We had to add examples followed by clip art images , 8 synonyms with the word said and explain how to use it. I found a video that can help others use speech marks correctly. I enjoyed working collaboratively with Nesi because we came up with some really good ideas. 

Making Connections

Today in reading I got to play some games that involved practicing our skills  Predicting, Inferring, Making connections and questioning. In the questioning cube game we had to read a text then roll the dice say it comes up with what it will ask a question which will relate to the text. If you get it correct you will get a point. The next game is  making connections this will help you with making connection with yourself, text or world. I got most of them correct but got one incorrect. I think I enjoyed this game as well because it helped me a lot with making connections. The last game was detective notebook this will help me with inferring and predicting what has happened and what has happened next.  I really liked these games because it gave me an extra boost with my understanding of my skills in reading. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 minutes of ...

For the past week we have been re-looking at recounts. To show our understanding we wrote a recount using personification, similes and e.t.c.   But there was a twist we had to write each sentence each but with a partner. I thought this would be hard because we wouldn't be thinking about the same idea we would have different parts in the story. But I think it turned out pretty good considering we wrote different ideas and we planned it out using T.R.E.E ( Title, reveal, events and ending) . Using this picture prompt we had to come up with a story before the rescue mission is happened or after this happened. 

5 minutes of ...

For the past week we have been re-looking at recounts. To show our understanding we wrote a recount using personification, similes and e.t.c.   But there was a twist we had to write each sentence each but with a partner. I thought this would be hard because we wouldn't be thinking about the same idea we would have different parts in the story. But I think it turned out pretty good considering we wrote different ideas and we planned it out using T.R.E.E ( Title, reveal, events and ending) . Using this picture prompt we had to come up with a story before the rescue mission is happened or after this happened. 

Piegons DLO

For the past two weeks we have been learning about Pigeons this sort of relates to our Inquiry topic called flight. We learnt history and a few other things about it. I really enjoyed making two different point of views of why there pests and why they are special. I put they are special because they are unique to world history by helping us communicate with or families. On the other side modern day pigeons don't seem to be the same as back in the olden days. They always leave the droppings every where they expect us to feed them food . 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Storyboard that - Godwits

This week since we are moving on to another topic about flight we had to recap some interesting facts that  we learnt. But it had a catch we had to use storyboardthat and make it in to interesting way that they find out. I could remember that , when they fly back to New Zealand they lose about 55% of there body weight which when I first reacted I was pretty shocked I couldn't imagine that they could lose about 55% of their body weight. ANother one I picked was how they travel about 11,000-12,000 kilometers which is a lot. I can't wait to learn more about flight because I get to share it with others. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


For our writing lesson we have been learning about Hyperbole. A Hyperbole is a statement that is used for exaggeration or it's really dramatic.   I have written examples to give you a clear idea of what it is. I also used an image to give another clear idea of this. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Cyber Smart Game : Commenting

Yesterday we played a game which was based on cyber smart.  Since I landed on a youtube video it came up with commenting with some videos that I assume we had to watch. I thought this was really good that they used old films from the Manaiakalani film festival. This particular  film gave us some commenting tips. The other video also gave us tips. I liked the videos because it's always in steps which made it specific.  I can't wait to continue on with the other activities that are in store for me. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Paper Planes

Today we had to analyze our measurements for our paper planes. Since we were put into groups we had to come up with a team design. So say if most of the groups wanted pointy wings and another design had a wide body you put those together and test it out. We finally came up with a design but we had to pick who was the best at throwing it. Our group picked someone named A.J. We then had a class competition , we had to battle it out who would get the furthest. Thomas got the furthest he got 14.1 on the other hand A.J. got 13.70. Our learning Intention was to design and make a paper plane that will fly the furthest. 

Re-looking at recounts

Today in writing we went back to recounts even though we know the meaning and the concepts of it. We took a test to show our understanding of the language features. I got 9/10 but I got which of these would you expect to find the beginning of a recount.  We then had to look at the manaiakalani cluster and try to find good recounts that we can use as examples. We were aiming for year 7/8 students because we are on about the same level as them. I found a one this person used time connectives and past tense which was good for a recount. ( I thought this was fun because I got to learn from others and they could learn from me. 

Friday, 4 November 2016


This week in reading we got to learn about Pigeons. Our learning intention was to develop the comprehension strategies of making connections, identifying the authors purpose and point of view, identifying main ideas , or evaluating. We used a multi modal , which is listening and reading . I worked collaborative with my group ( Jasmine, Charlize, Mahdia, Javeylor, A.J and Reon) . We had to write a point of view of if pigeons are pests or not pests. After listening to the audio I got persuaded that Pigeons are actually not pests the are unique to world history. We also made questions about Pigeons with the 5 w's.

Experimenting with paper planes?

Yesterday we had a challenge that we got to face. Our challenge was to design and make a paper plane the will fly the furtherest. We were all split up into groups and started to come up with some ideas.  So we all started to plane the designs , by using youtube clips , websites and some of our prior knowledge.  The fun part was when we got to test our planes seeing if it would go far or just go high. My first plane went further but it was really high. I decided to not use it as our group idea and made a new one. I then made another one this one did not work at all it only went down and didn't make any distance.  Which I thought was a waste. Experimenting with which planes worked or not was fun and we got to learn some things.  We tested them over the balcony, park and the field spaces that were free to use.  I can't wait to see whats in store for us the next time we do this task.  

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Bar - Tailed Godwit

This term our inquiry focus is Flight , Bar Tailed Godwits. We got split into groups and worked collaborative together to make our very own thinglink. If you don't know what a thing link it is when you link a piece of information and link it to an icon of your choice. We linked it with Godwit information that we had used for this DLO. I worked with Daniel and A.J.  We also used a sketchnote which is basically writing notes and turning them into pictures or etc.  

The Outlook for Someday Competition

Congratulations to Latham, Jasmine, Sylis, Daniel, Reon for making the shortlist for a competition that they had entered. This was about an earthquake and shows us what to do. We are really proud that you are representing Panmure Bridge School and making the shortlist.  We all hope that you win. Make sure to watch the video. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Police Visit

For my Care Award Respect we had to interview a person in uniform. We interviewed a police man by the name of Constable Cyrus. He is from the Onehunga police department in Auckland, New Zealand.  using pictures and images with a short description of what we were doing I wanted to ask him 2 questions.  One of my questions was , What is your favourite job that you enjoy in the police department?  I asked " What is your favourite job that you enjoy in the police department? He answered I enjoy other jobs but I mainly like being a School community Officer. 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Touch Rugby

Last week Wednesday I got to participate in the Inter-school touch rugby competition. I was in the Maroon team. We won twice , lost twice and drew twice which was a big surprise.  I thought our games were really hard and easy because you had teams that didn't really use the whole team and others that worked together and that's why they won. I really enjoyed it I would like to thank Mr Ogilivie, Miss Colenbrander and Mr M that looked after us and helped us with some skills. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrow your search

Since our class has been learning how to narrow our search down so we can get the right information we made a DLO about it. Our learning intention was How to narrow a search. I made my layout into a method because if I did this it would help the audience understand how you could narrow a your search and I also added in some images to see what it would come up with.  

3D Sketching

Today at Tech we have been learning how to draw 3D cubes with Miss Ferguson and look at the different ways and perspectives of it. I have taken two pictures of how it turned out for me. So we started off with Oblique this shows the sides of the shape. Then we moved on to vanishing point this will help us were to write it and different perspectives of the shape.  It also has parallel lines towards it I guess when it's lining up to draw the shape. Next we got given a piece of Isometric grid lines we put it behind a piece of see through paper. A trick to draw the 3D shaped cubes was to count up to 3 or 2 this would be 3 by 3 or 2 by 2. This makes it even and the shape to become more of the same.  Using the same shapes we drew with the Isometric grid lines we had to colour a different shade or tone. I coloured the top square light but I had to remember to colour one way because it would look messy if we had to colour it different ways. Then I coloured the other square a medium kind of tone then a darker kind of tone. I thought this was fun and I can't wait to start designing my 3D printing. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Read 20

This year we have been using this site called read 20. Well first you test yourself and they adjust what grade would fit you perfectly. I first was on grade 6 now my normal grade is grade 7 but I just had to remember that they were marking it based on american levels. When you find your grade they will give you a passage and you will have to answer multi choice questions. Our teacher usually gives us ladders to help us answer the questions.  The ladder will give us steps to answer it properly. I really enjoy this site because it helps me answer multi choice questions properly and I get to understand the text more also I get to find out what grade reading at. 

How do birds fly?

Have you ever wondered how birds fly or questioned yourself why can't us humans fly? Well I have made a DLO on how some birds fly with the piece of information from online.  They flap in a circle kind of motion this will help them balance and go more higher. Balance and control , they balance by gliding from side to side and actually the air sort of controls and balances them while they are in the air. I can't wait to learn more because my interest level on birds have gone higher and higher. 


Yesterday we had to learn how to summarize stories. This skill we already knew but we just had to come back to it so we can get a clear idea of what to do. This task that I had done was that we had to play a game. So first you had to read the passage that it had given you then you had to highlight the main points of the text. After doing this you would make a handbook and summarize all three chapters of the passage. I thought this really helped me with my reading skills because now I know some tips to summarize properly. If you would like to give you are reading challenge click here.

Solving multiplications word problems

In maths we have been working on multiplication problems. We had to work collaboratively with a partner I worked with Zahra.   This asked us multiplication word problems in everyday contexts. This problem I have taken a screenshot out of is one of the problems that I had to solve.  I thought this would really help me with my assessment because most of the maths problems are word problems. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cyber Smart

Today Mrs Ogilvie from the national library came to talk to us about smart searching. She gave us a few tips to help us smart search and be cyber smart. She also gave us some good advice on sites that we can use for school. Our first one that she showed us was Epic this had links to sites for pupils in Primary, Secondary or High school or even University. We found a site named Britannica this helped us a lot because we could use  images from that site , reference it and we could use it as long as it's for school. If we wanted to search something up and found a site we could make it in to different font size and depending on our reading level we could change up a bit. The next site we looked at was Topic explorer this helped us a lot because won of the topics we could search up was   Flight and our topic for this term is Flight. I found this really handy because I could use it during Inquiry. Her tips was to actually use lower case letters while searching because it gives you more information about the topic you are searching. I thought this was really fun because I got to find new sites and also great tips to do while searching. Thank you Mrs Ogilvie.  

Reading Challenges

Our reading focus for the past two weeks was challenges. It had a mixture of comprehension and retelling. We got to work collaboratively with our groups. Our first challenge we faced was to read a story and retell it in 25 words. I thought this was hard because we only had a limited amount of words to write. Our next challenge that we had to finish was to fill in the blank we had to understand the text first then e had to fill it in with words. I thought this was just as hard as the first one because we didn't know what words matched the type of story. We got another challenge which was to fill in the blank again. Our learning intention was to follow instructions and making sure we had to read for meaning and understanding. This also helped us to skim( fast read of whole text / page )  and scan ( hover over the info to read in more detail).  I really enjoyed this activity I hope to get more of these so it gets me thinking and helps me with my reading skills. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Today we got to do rhythm Interactive they are a group that tour around New Zealand and other countries. They basically teach us African Drumming. It was really fun because we got to match the beat and sing as well. We also learnt different techniques to drumming. They didn't really speak because they were trying to prove a point, they were trying to prove that actions that are louder than words. I totally agree with this because I also think this as well. I learnt that we can connect beats so it can sound longer.  I would like to thank Lucy and Johnny for helping us and learning cool things in music. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Godwit/Kuaka Popplet

This term our inquiry focus was on the Bartailed Godwit but in Maori it is known as the Kuaka. The Yr7's have created a popplet together that tells informations about the appearance, habitat, Migration diet and what effects Godwit/Kuaka in different ways. We also added in some images and videos to give a clear picture of the special bird.  Did you know that they have a 8-9 day non stop flight, this adds up to one whole week and one day which is a short period of time considering they are flying long distance.   We look toward to learn more about the unique birds.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Today the year 7 pupils were talking about leadership since we are going to be leaders next year we had to get a reminder of leadership qualities.  For example we would write qualities of a leader but we had to know that leaders aren't perfect they make mistakes as well. I chose this shape because it has 25  words and 25 fingers which made sense. Also leaders help each other. I really enjoyed this activity because I got to experience what it was like to be a leader.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Anne Frank - Home Learning

This term our home learning is based on a character or person . This week the person we got to learn about is Anne Frank which you have probably  heard. Anne frank is a Jewish girl, back then if you were Jewish you would get killed. This young girl had a diary which has over 25 million copies in different languages she would record what it was like to be hiding. This girl is one of many heroes. For this task I worked with 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Author's Purpose

In reading I got to make a reading can do. This can do was about , to understand the reason the author wrote the text and the skill was reasoning. So we had to read an current article that we had to find from a website I used kiwi kids news. We then had to pick what the author was trying to do was the author trying to Persuade, Inform or to entertain.  I wrote Inform because one of my reasons was that " I think the author was trying to inform us because the author of this article said "Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams is back in New Zealand for three basketball camps in Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington." This states that they are telling us where he is going to meaning what part of New Zealand he is staying. 

Picture Prompt

Yesterday we made a DLO based on sentence starters. I made 3 stories about a picture prompt. So our first sentence had to start with once upon a time and you had to introduce that character.  Next you had to talk about where the character lived. The third sentence is supposed to be about his or her's power or special ability. Fourth sentence had to be about the problem fifth had to be about her feelings and emotions that is happening. The next sentence is supposed to be about how she or he's solution to the problem. The trick to make it a bit long was to add comma's and complex sentences.  I really enjoyed this activity this really helped me with my story starters. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Maths Challenges

In our Maths time our whole class  got to challenge our-self in Quizizz's . The questions were based on timetables, decimals and ETC. I thought this was fun because I got to challenge other people in the class that I normally don't challenge.  Our main focus was to challenge each other as a class and to challenge our teachers.My teacher came first which was a big surprise.  I came 5th because I got 1 incorrect. Next time I want to get none of them wrong so I can come first but congratulations to the Mrs Anderson that placed 1st and the rest of the people that placed. 

Maths Challenges

In our Maths time our whole class  got to challenge our-self in Quizizz's . The questions were based on timetables, decimals and ETC. I thought this was fun because I got to challenge other people in the class that I normally don't challenge.  Our main focus was to challenge each other as a class and to challenge our teachers.My teacher came first which was a big surprise.  I came 5th because I got 1 incorrect. Next time I want to get none of them wrong so I can come first but congratulations to the Mrs Anderson that placed 1st and the rest of the people that placed. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country

Today we had our cross country fun run , the three runners that place 1st,2nd and 3rd will make it in the
cross country inter school next week Wednesday. I thought today was really fun we ran 4 laps around half of the Dunkirk field. Since it was raining and wanted it to be fast we did year 7 and 8 together but places each other separate.  I am really proud of the people that placed , I am also proud of myself because I came first in my year group and 2nd with the year 8's. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Our learning intention was find place value in decimals . In our maths we have been learning how to translate decimal numbers in to words so we can get a clear idea of decimal place value. So for example say it was 67.8 I would say it is sixty seven and 8 tenths. We also had a mixture of doing it the other way round for an example sixty two and nine tenths so now we would write it into number form so this would be 62.9. I predict that I got most of it correct but some maybe incorrect because I wasn't quite sure of the equation.  I thought this was really hard because one of my weak strengths in maths is decimals but I think I have improved since the start of the year. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross Country Training

For the past 3 weeks we have been training for the Cross-Country Inter-school and trials.  By doing this we have been gaining Endurance , as in improving stamina rate. This will help us to keep going without stopping.  This week we had to run 4 laps but the people that wanted to trial had to run 5 laps, I ran 5 laps because I wanted to gain more Endurance. Luckily I didn't stop the whole way. I enjoy doing this I can't wait to do 6 laps next week. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


For the past two weeks we have been learning about the training skills of Olympic athletes.  We learnt how  athletes train and how much hours they train a day.  We also got to learn how to check our pulse I thought that we were supposed to feel our chest for our pulse but it was actually our wrist and our neck to find it you have to feel it kind of vibrating. We then had to find sports that involve Agility, Strength and Endurance.  For Agility I wrote soccer or also known as football. I put down weightlifting for Strength because you have to be really strong to carry heavy weight. Last but not least I put cycling for Endurance since it is a long sport it will depend on your stamina.  I enjoyed this rotation I can't wait to learn about hauora. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

High Jump

Yesterday we had our Run, Jump, Throw lesson. We got to learn the skills of high jump. I knew most of the skills because I haven't done it in a very long time. Our first skill is to have slightly bent knees, arms follow through. toes up, straight slightly.   So first we got to learn the formation of it and the arms. So the formation was right , right , left , left. This meant that our legs go right then our right arm goes up then it follows through.  I think I enjoyed this more than running and long jump because I have had more experience in this sport. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem

 This is my Magic Box version of Kin Nisbett's original Magic Box poem. We all had to make our own version using descriptive language. We had to paint a picture in the person's mind by using adjectives, verbs and more. Our focus for this term is Poetry Anthology.  I thought this was really fun to do and I can't wait to do it again. 


Today we got to meet two players( Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi)  that currently represent the Warriors. We learnt about a lot about Health and our well being, Hydration, belonging, sleep and some fun little quizzes with a catch if we got the question correct we would get a prize.  The one I really enjoyed talking about was sleep because I love sleeping. They gave us a review on what time they go to bed and some tips to get more energy. They also told us that they sleep a bit later because a adult has to have at least 8 hours of rest and a kid has to have an average amount of 9-11 hours of sleep. So we were split up to two teams then each team , if they wanted to answer they had to say there team chant. Since I was in John's team we had to shout J.P if you were in Ryan's team you had to shout Hoffie. The main highlight for me was when we had 30 seconds of each team yelling out their team chant. My team won which was amazing. I got a prize for reading out the passage with a loud voice it was hard because there were a lot of people shouting. I would like to say thank you to Georgia for hosting this amazing event , Alice for organizing  this amazing event and DTR for making this possible.