Tuesday, 31 May 2016

E-ako Maths Multiplication and Division

Today in Maths I tried to finish off my task in E-ako Maths. This was mainly focusing on my multiplication. During this time slot I got through quite a few skills. This involved Addition,Multiplication and division. I thought this was fun because after you complete the task you get a reward.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Mary Seacole

This week for our home learning we had to study a person called " Mary Seacole". If you don't know her she set up a hotel named "British Hotel" during the Crimean war  which was in 1853 and was finished in 1856. She treated wounded soldiers and the ones that  were sick. She is one of many leaders in the world. She even put her life on the line for others that she didn't even know.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Maths Strategies

This week in Maths we have revised our skills on strategies to solve  multiplication problems. We had to explain three maths strategies that we have learnt this term. I have picked Place Value,Doubling and Halving and Rounding and Compensating. Since I have learnt these strategies it has made it super easy to work out multiplication problems. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Thinking Grid Part 2

This was next part of the thinking grid was to compare your results to a partner then make a collaborative paragraph about we we have just learnt. Me and Zahra made more than a paragraph ,we first made a paragraph about what we learnt. Then we made a paragraph about how much people that are drowning in New Zealand. Our last paragraph was giving advise to others so our numbers won't go up for drowning. 

Thinking Grid

Last week I completed our Aquatics inquiry . This task was asking us questions about water safety. This is called the Thinking grid. One of the questions I answered was that How might you get into trouble in the water? I answered it with "if you don't swim between the flags and if you go in a really deep end of the pool you may drown". I thought this task was good because it go me thinking and made me understand more about water safety 


This week was our last week in India next week we will be going to China. Through out the two weeks we have been doing tasks about India like Celebrations,  Food traditional dresses, Language  and their culture. I found the celebrations the most fun because we got to learn about their beliefs and how they celebrate it.  I have added images to give the audience  a clear idea of the country.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Giant Panda's

This term we have been learning about synthesizing. Synthesizing means rearranging your ideas and new knowledge to make a new understanding.  We made a DLO about Giant panda's we first gathered all the information we don't know then we researched new information about giant panda's then we made synthesized.

Monday, 23 May 2016

My family tree

In reading last week we red a book called "Million and millions of people" . This book was about the Chinese government having a policy  that each family would only allowed be allowed 1 child because China is overpopulated. It also showed a example of a Chinese family tree and a New Zealander family tree.  We had to make a DLO showing our family tree and a Chinese family tree it is sort of like a comparison of the two. I have done my family tree and a chinese family tree. I have looked at both of them and I found that my family tree has more relatives then the Chinese family because your only allowed one child.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Kate Sheppard

This week for home learning we got to learn about "Kate Sheppard". If you don't know who Kate is she was the person the that let women vote  in New Zealand because back in the olden days women weren't allowed to vote. You may have noticed her on the New Zealand 10 note. I think she has inspired me that girls can do just as much as boys.

Structure and language features in a information report

This term in writing we have been learning the structure of a narrative and the language features of a information report . After learning  these things we had to make a DLO to teach another person about the structure and the language features of an information report. The structure of the information report is Title,Description,Body paragraphs and conclusion. The language features that you use in a information report is a Rhetorical question, Hook and Simile and present tense. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Shoe Narrative

Waiting, Waiting , Waiting  I could hear a noise it grabbed my shoe box straight away. As the lid uncovered, I could see Haylie with joy in her eyes. She took me out and tried it on it was perfect. From that day onwards, we walked, sprinted, and skipped everywhere together. She was the best owner ever, she even cleaned me after I got dirty. At school, I remember climbing on top of the ladder and seeing all the other shoes down below. I finally made my first friend but made a bad impression by getting my arms caught on the fence. It did not feel nice at all. I introduced myself and she said her name was Nike lefty and Nike Righty it was pretty weird at first but became really good friends. After school,  Haylie and I would walk through the wet damp grass, which was a hassle especially getting green things stuck on the sides. She cleaned me of course but threw me in the closet like I was a rag doll. That was the only thing I hated about her.  The next day she just put me on but I was smelly, disgusting and all sorts of things. Sometimes, we would walk on the beach with her dog Spot.  That was the worst experience  of my shoe life. Her dog was my arch enemy. I never liked him because once he chewed me up like a disgusting dog toy.

Last week in writing we made a shoe narrative not just any shoe narrative. We had to make a narrative through the shoes eyes like what it was like to be a shoe. For this task I worked with Charlize (Charlize Blog). We had to plan about the story then you get 15 minutes to write about the plan but there was a twist. You had to write one sentence then after you have finished your partner will write another sentence. We wrote about the shoes how it first got it's owner and how it ended up lost on the streets. Sadly we didn't get to finish the ending there wasn't enough time. I thought this task was fun because we didn't know what our partner was going to write so we sort of had to predict what they were going to write.

Friday, 13 May 2016

6 thinking hats

Today we watched a video about John T Diamond reading out his poetry. The poem was about how John T diamond admires Charlotte Anne.We used the 6 thinking hats to show our thinking. Charlotte Anne proved a point she proved that girls can do anything even if it's something thats for a ma no do on his own. If she didn't break the rules because back then ladies had to clean and cook for their husband. For this task I worked with Nesi. (Nesi's Blog)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Kyle Mewburn DLO

On Monday a author visited our school to talk to the senior school. You may know him from his famous children's book  "Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!". After our visit we made a DLO about him. Revising all the things he told us and what the books he wrote. His most recent book is called "The house on the hill".

Make a recommendation

Title: Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!
Author: Kyle Mewburn 
Story time Link : Click Here

Today in reading time we listened to Kyle Mewburn reading his story "Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!". This story was about a young boy named Andy Apple Pie, he had a aunty that loved to kiss Andy Apple Pie but Andy hated getting kissed .Every where he hid she would always find him in the  under his bed and chicken house under a heap of straw. One day he hid under  the house with spiders and spider webs because Aunty Elsie hated spider webs  he wanted her to stop kissing him. He waited and waited but no one came he asked his father where Aunty Elsie was.  His father said she fell off a camel in Australia her leg was broken. Then a taxi came it was Andys Auntie  she had a cast on her leg with crouches as he ran to her he gave her a big kiss on the left check and on the right check. I would recommend this book to people that love books that are funny because I think this book had a funny parts in it.  

Monday, 9 May 2016

Basic greetings in Japanese Group Japan

Today in inquiry we got to learn the basic greetings,words and sentences in Japanese. We made a DLO about it teaching people how to say it  and pronounce it properly . To make it easier I broke it up into syllables. I learnt a lot of words now I want to use it to teachers,students,friends and family.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Japan poster

Our topic for this term is "our global neighbours" I made a poster about Japan adding images and 5 interesting facts about that country.  We also had to add a image of the country flag and the map of it. What I found interesting about the country is that they grow square watermelons they do it for better stock and store. If I travel to Japan  I really want to see the square water melons.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Flag of Japan

This week in inquiry our topic is "our global neighbours" .  I got to learn about Japan but about their Flag . For this task I had to work with  Brooklyn. (Brooklyns Blog) We first had to find out  when was it designed and who designed it . Then we had to do a comparison of the New Zealand flag and the Japan flag I found this interesting because Japan doesn't have the union jack because they aren't part of the british empire.  We also had to find photos of the japanese flag being used  with some images . I used people using it at the Olympics and when it was getting raised at the United Nations head quarters in New York. I enjoyed this task because I got to learn the history of it and when it was made. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Multiplication and Division

Today in maths we had to play E-ako maths. The category we had to do was multiplication and division in this time I answered 59 questions which earned me 59 points.  This helped my understanding in  maths it was also helpful because it told me if I was wrong or right.


This week we have been learning how to synthesize. Synthesizing is to put  all the knowledge you know and put it together to make  a new understanding.  To show our learning we created a new cover for a movie poster for a Albert Einstein. I used what I already knew about Albert Einstein along with the ideas I found  and put it together to make this cover. We got to pick a range of different poses, background effect, symbols , angles of the character and the different lighting .  For my title I picked "The Invention" . I think this activity was really fun and helped me a lot for my understanding of "synthesizing". 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hit the button game

Today during maths time we had to play a game called  "Hit the button" . I choose the category doubles which was pretty easy but it was hard for me to find the numbers. I think I really want to try the multiplication category because I want to improve on my timetables so I know all of it.  If you would like to challenge yourself you can play the game. ( Click Here To Play)

Spelling- Prefix Sub

Paragraph with the sub prefix

The subjects were on a submission to stop the submarine from hitting the big blue whale. The subjects were really hungry so they decided that they would go on a ride on the subway to go to ‘Mcdonalds’ and have a triple cheese burger. Mcdonald's was right next to a subfluvial .This mission was not very subnormal for anyone, when they had their Mcdonalds they submerged through the water from the toilet to finally find them standing in front of the submarine which was going to hit the whale at any second. The submarine driver was subordinated, the driver was fast asleep so the subjects had to think very fast and move very fast.

Today we learnt about the chunk "Sub". Sub means under or below. We first made a word web with the words beginning with sub. I learnt quite a few words that I didn't even know it existed like subordinate and subcontract. We also added images to give it a little hook. Then we moved onto out paragraph task. We had to use 8 words from the word-web and make up a story. This story could be weird or really random as long as we used words from the word web. We underlined the words that had sub in it to make it easy to find. For these tasks I worked with Nazella,Fifita and Lyndon.

How to answer 6,7 and 8 timetables using my 5 timetables

This week we have been learning how to answer 6,7 and 8 timetables using my 5 timetables .  To show our learning we had to create a DLO  about it.  This was an independent task.  When I learnt this it made things so easy  because I was always stuck on my 7 timetables mostly but now I'm pretty confident with it. I think  you should try it incase you don't know your timetables.