Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The NEXT Foundation- Summer Learning Journey

Today we had a special assembly to launch the Summer Learning Journey programme along side the Next Foundation. The SLJ is to help students with their reading. The Next foundation thought it was a good idea so they gave money to help with programme. As our class got filmed I thought that it was quite weird having a camera around us. Rachel is the person that started the summer/winter learning journey talked to us about how 6 clusters around New Zealand are taking part. We had visitors from the Manaiakalani chairperson Mr Sneddon, Ms Grant, Mrs Lee, Mrs Jenson, Bill Komode the CEO of the Next Foundation Mr Grady the chairperson of the board of trustees, Hazel from Woolf Fisher and our principal Mr Johnston. I think that the summer/winter learning journey is a great programme which really develops our reading and writing skills.

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