Thursday, 17 December 2015

Trees Home Work Presantation

This is my trees homework presentation I did the question that I wanted to find out was "Can Trees Grow Longer Than 50 Years.My results that it can the longest living tree was a bristle cone that lived for around 4,845 years and died in 2013.I was really shocked because I thought trees lived for about 30 years but actually grew longer.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Simple Machines DLO

This is my Simple Machines DLO I worked with a big group of people.We each worked on one slide each I worked on Pulleys,I added information or facts about it or what it could be used.Now I now what Pulleys do.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Enchanted City

It was the festival of Gold today ,Laughter excitement and items were going on. ” I am so Happy to be here” Queen Emily gold said to her citizens of Enchanted Village..They were famous for their gold and money but most of all they were famous for their golden waterfall. The king Shouted “You all get two blocks of gold’. WHOOSH ,BANG ,BOOM. ” What was that said Queen Gold in a terrified voice King Gold knew he knew what was coming it was the army that came every month just to steal from the Village. All the Villagers knew what to do they grabbed all their gold, money and put it underground.

So they dug and dug  to hide it from the nasty robbers. Queen Gold thought to herself why are they always coming to our village and stealing from us.She asked King Gold “Why are they Stealing from us?” okay  i’ll tell you later but help we take the gold from our castle before they will bust it down. Queen Gold didn’t understand all of this. She just realized that the Gold waterfall ,they will steal it  but their was a secret password the weirdest password it was  GoldWaterfallHasABigTennisBallWhichCanFallonAWallAndCanMakeABigHall”. So Queen Gold  said the words out loud and it stopped all of the gold from coming down instead it opened a big hole and the gold spilled in the whole.

It got hidden pretty good. It was coming it came as Queen Gold was running back to her castle a big horse came out of nowhere and hit the queen on the leg.She was badly injured and couldn’t run all she could do was limp.The castle wasn’t that far it was just a 2 minute walk.So she got up she didn’t want to get killed or anything so up she went.
She made it to the castle she assigned the village that they are coming now all the guns came out.The Master robber Andrew demanded “GIVE US THE GOLD NOW OR ELSE” They had to or someone will get killed so they gave as much  as they could now they left.Someone from the robbers were nasty they crashed a few house that took forever to  build.

Now they had to fix the repairs.One night as everyone was fast asleep the robbers come and stole some stuff  in the castle like crowns,expensive Jewellery and  some clothing that was made of rare fabric. Now it was morning everyone was awake  the queen and king realized they just got robbed.It looked like   their castle was empty.The queen got mad she got really angry now she Screamed “WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO WITH THEM EVER “So the Queen  trained a few people to fight against them  now it was the time of the month when the robbers come the people were ready they were ready  fight back for their village so this doesn't happen to them ever for the rest of their years.

It was time they were coming everyone were ready to take out their weapons now
they  had to fight for their city. Now the queen demanded they came attacking each other  everyone was fighting it sort of looked like they were fencing. But some people were injured on the ground in real pain. But for some reason the Queen realized that it was wrong to do all these things. So she had to do something to get their attention so she went up in the castle and got on to the balcony  and yelled “ STOP ”  everyone stopped with a confused look, “This is wrong we should sort something out okay Andrew we want this to stop okay give us all the things that you stole from us. So they sorted it out the queen gave a few gold to them so they can leave the kingdom alone. So from the past few months the village never got robbed   so everyone lived happily ever after.

This is my story I wrote for the past 5 weeks well I have been planning and crafting for my  story.I have posted my story on story Bird if you want to give it a go the link is down below

Gear Data

This is our gear data we done we had to make a google  spreadsheet to record all our data.Me and Mya worked on Yellow and Blue there was 16 teeth on the yellow gear,Blue had 32 teeth on it.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

12x Times Tables

This is my DLO that I did with classmates.It was pretty hard to memorize because I just learnt the 9x Times Tables.I learnt it in many different ways loike with objets writing it down and many more.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

9x Times Tables

This is my 9x times tables I worked with Mya,Zahra and Nazella we did 6 objects with different colours we also wrote it down in different languages.I wrote down my 9x times tables 12 times so it can be memorized easy.Now I know it fluently I won't struggle with my 9x times tables.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


This is my word web I had to write Synonyms for the word Complete another word for Complete is Accomplished or Finished.I found this word in my book called dork Diaries book"Drama Queen".

Wedge Poster