Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Holiday Blogging Challenge

In this holiday blogging activity I found out about Rainbow's End which is a very big New Zealand landmark. The questions that were asked were, where is it located, how much does it cost for a family pass and how much would it cost for your family using the ticket prices to help you. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cross Country Inter-school

Yesterday was cross country inter-school. We had a very big course to run but luckily with all the practise that we had we were able to manage ourselves and  keep going. I think it was really hard because everyone was going to same place and there were a lot of students tripping because it was very slippery. Overall it was a good result and came 7th out of 48. 

Kiwi Can Challenges

Our Kiwican topic this term was facing challenges and how we can overcome them. Today we played a few games that were either easy or challenging. One of them was to bring an object to real life using your team mates. You had to have 2 people in the ring and use a idea that hasn't been used before. I think that challenge was the hardest because you only had a short amount of time to find a new idea and it was a lot of pressure. 

Scale Drawing

In Ls2 we made a scale drawing enlargement. I made my scale drawing on Mrs Potts and Chip from the movie Beauty and the beast. I choose this because it was simple but had a lot of detail on Mrs Potts with lots of patterns.  The challenging part about this task was to rule up the grid and rule the exact measurements. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

What is a coalition?

Today we were learning about what a coalition and we have been following the election results and how it can change/affect the government. In our government we have a situation of a coalition because the party Mew Zealand First have to pick what side they believe they want to go to. This DLO contains who our local MVP is and how will the coalition with NZ first affect the results. 

Opening Sequence- The Princess Bride

Our whole class did a film study on the movie "The Princess Bride". We did the following activities of Opening Sequence, Character introduction, Fantasy Conventions, Shot types and Narrative propt. I decided have more understanding on the opening sequence which features the prologue of the story.  We had to add what was a prologue, who the main characters were, what was is the setting of the main story, who are the main characters introduced and How is the humor used to stop the scene from being to over the top. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Cross Country

Today we had cross country fun run. We ran 4 laps around our course. This helped us with our endurance because we had practises to help us with our pace and how to run. I think this run was really  hard and challenging because you had to run up a hill quite a few times and it was muddy through the fields.