Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Helen Clark

Helen Clark was the 37th prime minister of New Zealand. She was a great leader as she opened Kiwibank and made great differences in New Zealand. She is the administrator of United nations Development. In this presentation we have added in the changes she has made and also who she is known for. 

Elections Jigsaw Puzzle

Since this week is election week, we are learning about elections. In our learning we have completed an activity called 'Government Party Jigsaw'. In this jigsaw Zahra, Mishaan, Ofa, Javeylor, and I have added the leaders of the main party and what electorate they are in. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read and ebook day

Today is read an ebook day (September 18th), to celebrate this our classroom read an ebook from the Tamaki College Overdrive where it has a whole variety of ebooks with different genres. It's good to have an ebook day because it brings back reading and it gives us a reminder that we can read online which makes it great. The purpose of this day was to celebrate modern story telling, if you want more information about read an ebook day click here  #ebooklove

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say it Tika

Since this week is Maori language week, we tried to keep the Maori language alive by improving google maps pronunciation of the Maori streets and places in our local area. I pinned three of the streets and places that could be improved on such as Ti Rakau Drive. People get confused how to pronounce it. I hope to learn more Maori words so I can use it at school and home. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Stained Glass

Since we have the new rotation for tech we have stained glass as our rotation. This week we were planning our designs and being cautious of what would work and what wouldn't.  We also coloured in the parts we wanted to. I had the idea of a boat and my initial "M". We also got to experience cutting glass with special boards. We used different tools to help us succeed in this. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Overdrive

Using the Tamaki overdrive we selected a book to read from a wide variety of non-fiction, fiction, mystery and suspense and more.  I picked a book that was in the fiction section it is called "undiscovered country" and is written by Jennifer Gold. I think Tamaki overdrive is really good because it has some books that have audio and is completely the same as the library but online. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Two Word Sentences

In writing we had a look at two word sentences, two word sentences are simple sentences. Using the simple sentence we added in FANBOYS which makes it a complex sentence which joins two simple sentences or ideas together with a connective. Using the complex sentence we used AAWWUIBBIS to make it a compound sentence. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

Image result for read theory

Read theory is a reading activity that can help your reading by growing your knowledge of vocabulary and how to comprehend text. It asks you questions with a multi-choice answer you then select one.  There are also challenge questions if you get this specific question correct you get bonus points, each answer you get correct will give you points on your account. This has improved my comprehension skills as well as expanding my vocabulary from different texts.  

Friday, 25 August 2017

Clock Design

At Tech we finally finished our clocks that we have been working on for the past few weeks. My design was inspired by a camera and made it my own. This was a very long process because we had to plan, cut out our designs, paint it, put it together then there we would have our final design. I think this was really hard because it was hard to get the exact shade that you wanted because we had to mix colours together to get our desired colour. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Standing up to bullies- Care award

One of my Care award tasks was to "Create a DLO on how to stand up to bullies, or how to be cyber smart". So I made a DLO about standing up to bullies. I had to give advice or ways to stand up to bullies. One of my ways was to talk to a trusted adult that can help you with the problem they can confront the bully. 

Careers - Marine Biologist

In careers we took a test which asked what we were interested in. It gave us the option of not interested, neutral, fairly interested and very interested. Depending on what you answered they will analyse how many jobs that you could do or could be interested in. I got in 16 jobs in total which wasn't that much but I think it was based on what I answered. I picked one job that I think I would like which was a Marine Biologist.  I looked into this and had the skills I need such as the knowledge and what industry it was in. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Since this week is maths week, we made a geometrical flextangle. I made a smaller version on A4 paper and coloured this in then made my own design on A3 paper with different shapes. I think this was really fun because it challenged me a lot in different ways and I got to make my own design.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Cyber Smart - What does matter?

Our cyber smart messages was "what does matter". I had to find out the correct way of searching and how this could improve your smart searching skills. I think this task was quite hard and easy because I didn't really know about the smart searching. We also had to answer questions using the information that was provided. 

Tech Clocks

Tech @ Tamaki College was a bit different today. Instead of painting our clock designs we got set a task to draw circles using compasses and to spot the shape. I think this was really hard because you couldn't really see the inner shape and that it could make something else. In my drawing I saw a flower shape and a star which was really interesting. I could maybe add this in my clock design. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Suffrage Movement- Sketchnote

Part of our reading task was to make a sketch note about the women suffragettes. A sketch note is a creative way to show your learning and using pictures and shapes to give examples and etc. Nazella and I worked together to make this DLO. We came across the questions of "what do you know about the suffrage movement?, why did it come about? and what obstacles did the suffragettes face? Since Nazella and I had two different side of what the suffrage movement was we both added in our opinion of this in different parts. 

Galloping Greyhounds

In maths this week our main focus was adding fractions. In this activity Zahra and I answered question 2 to the "galloping greyhounds". We had to first first use the evidence in the first question in order to carry it on. By doing this, this would make it easy for us to get our answer. We had to multiply the numbers by the numbers of 12, 5 and 3. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Sheppard

Nazella, Jorja and I made a DLO about Kate Sheppard. We talked about who Kate Sheppard was?, what Kate, why she was famous. But we then had to describe what her personal qualities were using the information from different sites. We thought she was confident because she took pride in her public speeches and wasn't afraid what others thought of her. We then thought of a interesting question and answered it using this information. I think talk definitely helped us learn because we would have learning conversations about this. 

Rewindable Learning

The learning that we did this morning was rewindable learning. If you don't know what rewindable learning is it is recording yourself and going over it again to practise or revise. In dance we learnt a few steps yesterday and went over it today to build on from in it for our dance production. I think this style of learning really helps us improve because you can look back at what you have done wrong and try to work on it until you get better. 


We looked at a language feature called "Idiom". This language feature means to, a sentence that can have different meaning to it using exaggeration so it's similar to a hyperbole. In this DLO I put a few examples and illustrated one which was "Speed up the clock". I have put in pictures to suit the idiom sentence. I found this quite easy because I am aware of how to use idiom in a sentence. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Inquiry Poster

Our inquiry topic this term is relationships with ourselves and others. In one of the tasks we have done, we watched a few inspiring videos about an athlete by the name of "Jesse Owens" and a movie that starred Will Smith. The videos were about never giving up and telling yourself you can do this and also to learn to give yourself good advice and accept the fact that everyone fails. 

Tech @ Tamaki College

Tech at Tamaki College was great. Our whole group has finished laster cutting our designs and are now on to painting it.  We made different colours be using the primary colours and looked at the outter colour wheel and looked at the secondary colours which is Green, Purple and Orange. I think this was really exciting because were up to our final stage of designing our clocks and I can't wait to see the finishing product. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It Pays To Win

Our maths focus this week was "It pays to win". This used a lot of rounding in the payment of Siones rugby career. In this question we had to find the new payment of the next season because they changed the old payments by more. We compared the payments to the new season and the old season and figured out that he go paid $5100 more then his old season. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Suffragette movement

Since woman's rights was a big issue in the olden days our reading topic this term related . We watched a youtube video about the suffragette movement and wrote a 25 word summary on "what was the suffragette movement". . I found this quite hard because it isn't a skill that I have mastered (summary) but talking to my group helped me make my connection.

Kahoot Quiz

In our maths challenge we learnt a new strategy. Our strategy was to see if a number can be divisible by 3. Zahra and I made a kahoot and added in some questions and using the strategy we learnt to work it out.  We swooped our quiz with Mataio  and Fraidoon. I think this activity was really fun because we got to challenge others with quizzes and learnt different strategies for equations. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Hyperbole Illustration

Our writing focus today was hyperbole's. If you don't know what that is it is extreme exaggeration used in a sentence. I have illustrated one of my hyperbole's which was "Halfway through to my destination, a big bug was on the path it was as big as the moon or even the world" this related to my short story that I made which was about an unfortunate walk. I think this was a bit easy because it wasn't hard making the hyperbole but it kind of was hard when you had to add it in your story because it had to fit in with the setting of the story.  

Ordering Fractions

One of our maths warm ups was a fraction test to. To get use to this we first played a game in this game you had to order fractions from lowest to highest. From there we got tested and did the same thing but it only had 4 questions this game analyzed a percentage on how we did. I got 100% because I got the answers correct. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

SWIS - Gold Attitude award

One of my Gold Care awards tasks was to "research the role of the SWIS in our school, and tell others how they help us". To give me a better understanding of this role Zahra and I went to our school social worker and asked her a few questions to help us with this. I didn't really know what the role of a social worker was I only knew that it helped families and students. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is it so important to keep oral story telling alive?

Maori storytelling is important today because it can pass onto generations. They will know the value of their culture while keeping the Maori language alive.  

Zahra and I made a 25 word summary on "Why is it so important to keep oral story telling alive". We listened to explanations and peoples opinions on why it was important but it was said in a Te Reo so we had to use English subtitles which was great. This was quite hard because we had to limit the  amount of words that we could use.  To get around this Zahra and I had a learning conversation about this and summarised this. One of the reasons why we thought it was important was that it could get passed over to generations while keeping the Maori language alive. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Exploring myths and legends

Our reading focus this term is myths and legends. Zahra and I worked collaboratively using storyboard that this story was based on the myth "How Maui slowed the sun" we practised using show not tell.  To do this you use dialogue because it is showing the readers not telling it also keeps the reader hooked. The most challenging part of this was to try and make the characters look the same and to try and find the correct setting to match this. But luckily we used different colours and added in props. 

Ordering Fractions

In maths i played a game that related to ordering fractions. The aim of the game was to order it from high to low and still enough lives to go on to the next level. This was really easy because I already knew my ordering fractions but I think it got tricky when I went on to the harder levels because they mix up the fractions a little bit.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Important Ideas DLO

A visiting teacher (Mss Apelu) came to see our different strategies and work for reading. In this task Oh Hsen, Mataio, Zane, Nazella and I wrote the important ideas and discussed which column each idea should be in. One column had 3 vital ideas another column had 4 very important ideas and the last column was important ideas. We all negotiated about it by disagreeing with each other as well as agreeing on each others ideas.

Dance Evaluation

Our music focus this term is Dance. In this DLO we made a evaluation on our dance and added in what worked and what was hard. I think the hardest part of this was that our timing was all different so we really had to get that right and I personally think that making up different dance moves was hard because I wasn't familiar with dancing and it was all new to me. 

Tamaki Wrap DLO

Since the Tamaki Wrap came to talk to us about Plastic and our environment, they came and gave us some ideas on how to reduce the amount of Plastic we use in our daily lives. Our class added in what shocked them the most, what had interested them and what the message you think that needs to be shared. What shocked me the most was that Auckland sends the same amount of Plastic that can fit a football stadium which is quite sad because I think us Aucklanders are capable of reducing the amount of plastic we use.  Did you know that the average time that we use a plastic bag is 7 minutes and then we throw them away? 

Different celebrations

One of the tasks me and Nazella created was the different celebrations that we have.  In my family we celebrate White Sunday which is an occasion that is celebrated for children. We are all dressed in completely White and have a big feast after. I have added a picture to give an example on how they dress. Nazella celebrates Eid which is a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. I was really interested in this because I have heard of it before but just never knew what it was exactly about. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Today we had our inter-school orienteering. Our teams did really good and followed their course correctly. I think the course that I did was quite challenging because the points were quite far from each other and it was surrounded with mud and puddles. I think the good practices really helped me improve with my skills. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Winter Solstice Animation

In one of our Matariki challenges we have been learning about the winter solstice and the summer solstice. We have learnt about how it takes 1 year for the earth to orbit around the sun. To showcase our learning about our explanation we have made an animation about this. We have also added in the moon since it is orbiting around Earth. Did you know the tilt of the earth determines the seasons of each hemisphere? 

People Power

In maths we used a formula using calculator to work out the percentages.  The formula contained multiplication and division. In one of the first questions we had to pick the correct pie chart and had to see if it was equal with the numbers or not. Then we had to use the formula to find out the percentages of the continents.  I have enjoyed this task and I know that I can use this formula again. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

France Celebration

This showcases the winter solstice of France. We have used different information from 4 sources and have referenced it. We have also added images to give a clear idea of what they use for the yule. We have also add in the daylight of the short day. Did you know that France celebrate their Christmas eve on December the 5th. Before the children go to bed they put their shoes next to the fire and sing traditional french christmas songs. They also get given presents from Saint Nicholas which arrives on a donkey.  I have learnt a lot of new information about the French and how they celebrate this. 

Legend of the 7 sisters

Since it is currently Matariki we have been set challenges about the legend of the seven sisters. We have answered questions by using the story and our reading skills to find this. We also have made a text to text connection, this asked us "What does your whea do for you? " ( whea meaning mum or aunt). We have also listed the names of the stars which is Waiti, Waiata, Waipuna-a-rangi, Tupu-anuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Uru-a-rangi and Matariki. I enjoyed this activity because it kind of applied to reading and I could use my skills to help answer the question as well as making connection. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pizza Pieces

In maths we had to work out these fractions and decimals to make one whole.  I have written in this DLO all me strategies and how I solved these equations. I think this was really hard because we had to manipulate fractions into a whole. I kind of made it similar but instead I completely converted it into a fraction then worked it out from there. We had to add different fractions to make one whole.  

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dance Evaluation

Today at dance we had to film ourselves performing our dance. This helped us with looking at it and seeing what we had to work on. We had to work with another group, they also gave us some feedback and feed forward.   My group had to work on our transition and mostly our timing for a few parts because it wasn't in sync with the music.  I think this was a good way to evaluate your steps in dance. 

Explaining movies

In this task we had to make a movie of all our knowledge of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We used facts to back up our thinking but we got them from a New Zealand book. I worked collaboratively with Zahra, Fifita and Nazella to make this and we used free to use pictures for this. We infomred people about Landfills and the process of how they get rid of the rubbish. Did you know it takes plastic bags 400 years to biodegrade which is a lot of years.  

Group Opinion

In Inquiry Tiava, San Kyaw, Nazella and I made a group solution to solving a rubbish problem that happens at our school.  We divided the paper into 5 sections and wrote our opinions then in the middle where the box was we put it all together. But there was a twist to it we couldn't speak. This was quite hard because we didn't really know what to put in.  Instead we circled some ideas from each opinion and numbered it off in order. This turned out really good and made a group solution or opinion. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Inquiry Flowchart

Our Inquiry focus today was to make a DLO about a flowchart on how milk cartons can be processed into different types of things such as books, furniture and  roof tiles. Sanujan, Tiava, Joshua and I made an animation based on this. Our school is a Fonterra school meaning we get given milk then we get asked to drink it dry and fold it flat. It then gets sent off to different countries and can be made into different types of objects. I think I have learnt quite a lot about the process of this and I am glad I'm helping others. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Haiku Poem

This is my Haiku Poem. This consists of 5 syllables in the first line, the second line with 7 syllables and the last line with 5 syllables. So altogether it has 17 syllables and 3 lines. I had to retell the story of How Maui brought fire to the world. I think this was hard to suit the 5-7-5 layout. 


Part of Poetry we had to look at  different poems.  This poem is about the colour of the sunset using different verbs and a interesting metaphor. I have added in the definition of verbs and metaphors. Metaphors are basically the same as similes but without like or as. 


This week I learnt about reading poems. This poem is my favourite because they used a lot of metaphors and a simile.  My favourite Metaphor was " chocolate sea" because it was describing the tea of how they used chocolate and sea. There was also another simile which was " zoom goes the spoon like a silver typhoon" which rhymed and it had a simile because it had "like". I enjoy reading different poetry's and would like to make more of my own. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Division Dilemmas

In maths we had to solve division problems with different strategies such as as multiplication strategy, a division strategy and a person that had to estimate.  I worked with Ofa and Fraidoon, we took turns at working each problem with those three strategies.  To show our working we made this on a DLO.