Monday, 30 November 2015

Seven Times Tables DLO

This is my seven times tables Digital Learning Object.I did this with Zahra. We first wrote the seven Times Tables in my maths book we wrote 15 times then memorized now I'm good at it now.


\ This is my word web.We had to add synonyms that is related to Hideous like for an example Ugly or Awful words like that.I learnt a lot of words like grim.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Six Times Tables Digital Learning Object

This is my six times tables Digital Learning Object.I learnt my six times tables in different ways like writing the six times tables down about 10-20 times in my maths book.I learnt it with different materials like ice-block sticks to.Now I know them off by heart now I won't struggle with it.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Two Syllables Words

This is my word web that I did today it had to be two syllable words like station and another example is Nation.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Rhyming Words with "All"

This is my word web.I found the word All in my book that I was reading online.I found six words one of them that rhymed with All was Tall and Fall ,many words too.

Plot Planning

This is my Topss plan.My story is called The Enchanted Gold City. Topss stand for Title,Orientation,Problem,Sequence and Solution.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lever Poster

This is my Lever Poster I made with Nazella and Zahra.We did this for our challenge 2 for our Inquiry.

Pulley Poster

This is my pulley poster I worked with my two classmates Nazella and Zahra.It was part of our challenge in our inquiry and it is related to our Inquiry topic Simple Machines.

Rhyming Words

This is my word web it is full of rhyming words.Like for an example Fast and Forecast.

Inclined Plane Poster

This is my Inclined Plane Poster that I did with my two class mates Nazella and Zahra.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Research a Person

Research a Person

L.I. - Develop research skills
Skim and scan for information

Name of person: Maria Tutaia  
February 18th 1987
Age : 23

Tokoroa,North Island,New Zealand.

She plays Goal Attack and Goal Shoot.
Why are they famous:
She is famous for her shooting in Netball . She started playing for the New Zealand team called the Silver Ferns in 2005.She plays  Goal Attack and Goal Shoot.She has played 100 test matches for New Zealand.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Recount

Yesterday  was athletics day.I was so excited that I couldn't stop jumping .My favourite activity that we did was hockey it was pretty hard to get the ball inside the goal but I had really fun.At the end of the day well in the afternoon we had our year group sprints I watched my sister race but she came 4th. Now it was my turn I was running on the spot but I had butterflies in my stomach.The starter said “ On Your Marks Get Set Go” off we went I pumped my legs and arms and I came first for the heats and I made the final.It was time for the finals I was ready I couldn't wait everyone was watching well I didn't think of them I just wanted it over and done with.The starter said “ On Your Marks Get Set Go! “ I ran as fast as I can.I was pumping my arms and it was the end I came first which meant that I had to go Athletics.  

Monday, 16 November 2015

I beat my teachers score

Today I did my Maths ,I worked on my time tables my teacher put on his high scores on our class site so I am trying to beat level 0 this is my score.His original score is 2460 and I beat it by 120 points .

Friday, 13 November 2015

Describe the secret wish of a devious movie star who solves crime.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 9.30.26 AM.png

Describe the secret wish of a devious movie star who solves crime.

I was writing in my diary I really wanted something ,something wonderful.She thought while she was acting I don’t just want to be and crime scene actor I want to be a great Wonderful singer or a doctor.Then she thought I know I want to go to France to see the eiffel tower  in Paris.She wanted to go to Paris that’s where I want to go Olivia Holt Was thinking.But one day she got to go to France because for the past four months she was saving because it was near Christmas so she went to France on Christmas Eve she got to go there she meet one of the famous actors it was Angelina Jolie it was her my Idol.I was shocked I took some photo’s with her but she gave me a charm it was a little weird but said  Follow your heart.That’s how I came to be an a strong girl following my heart.

This is my story starters writing my topic I had to do was Describe the Secret wish of a devious movie star who solves crimes.If you want to try story starters you can go on it here's  the link.

Blog Comments

This is my blog comments I did I had to comment on four different schools because this week was the Maniakalani film festival.I had to Present our class Movie "Lost In Time" If you want to watch it the Link is down Below.

Inclined Plane Poster

This is my Inclined Plane Poster.I made this because this terms topic is Simple Machines.The Inclined Plane is one of the six Simple Machines like a Pulley,Screw,Lever and a Wheel and Axle.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Smart Money

5 facts about the moon

This is my poster that I had to do for my tin tin group for reading.I had to find five facts about the moon.


This is my Homophones I tried to get three at a time but I couldn't find any that had three.I found these word in my book then found some words that sounded the same but different meaning.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Describe a day in the life of an annoying police officer who is shipwrecked on a desert Island.

Screenshot 2015-11-04 at 9.57.39 AM.png
Describe a day in the life of an annoying police officer who is shipwrecked on a desert Island.

It was hot  sunny day  I was sweating with pain to make it worse I was in my police officer uniform at least I had a hat on to keep my face cool.There was no water or food but Bananas that were rotten  I was so itchy from the mosquitoes that were coming straight at my skin .Until the weirdest thing come to me a pig that had wings at the same time it was flying it was saying “ Oink” “Oink”.I saw at stick but not an ordinary stick i think it was a wand I quickly grabbed it and saw a magical book that was hanging on the tree this island is really weird. Any ways I wished for some food so I had to say “Foodalicious” and it came with a big cookie and some milk.Then Finally I was finished then I thought I should have a big apple pie which seemed so delicious in my head.I wished for it I had to say “Apple Kadosh” It came up I jumped up with joy I really thought this Island was magical. I wished for a lot of things to take for me back home but as I read the spell book it said you only get 50 wishes and he ran out so the police officer is stranded on the Island forever.

This is my story starters story it was really weird because my story was called describe a day in the life of an annoying police officer who is shipwrecked on a desert island.If you want to give the story starters a try I will stick the link below.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Vocabulary Defintion

Why is the moon Upside down

It is short for Kohanga Reo a nest for young children.
Two halves divided into the North and South.
A container that is used to get water.
Page view: [No. 39 (June 1962) page 38]

Old Antoynym