Friday, 26 February 2016

Quick Writes Maths

This week I have been doing quick writes I answered questions that the teachers asked us on the google slide.The learning Intention is LI: To make stronger connections to Maths by thinking carefully about how we explain our thinking.I added a few pictures incase people didn't understand.

Smoothies at Tech

Today we had tech at Tamaki Collage,we made mixed berry smoothies.My partner I worked with for tech is Mishaan.The smoothies tasted really good but it had too much yogurt other than that it was really delicious.The difference between last week's milkshakes and this weeks smoothies ,they were different flavours and the smoothie had bits that weren't really broken into pieces.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Name Art

In the start of the term we worked on a art piece  with our name, it was sort of complicated but at the end it was totally worth it.We had to pick a  hot colour and a cold colour but I picked a Hot colour on a hot colour (  Red and Pink ). 

Sydney Opera House

This week our home learning  was based on the city Sydney.Our Home Learning requires a partner to work with ( Zahra )  and challenges to complete.I added pictures to go with this activity. Did you know from Auckland to Sydney  its 2158.56 km away.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Prototec Maths

In Maths  I tested my self on stage 6 it had a variety  of answers we had to fill in I got 90% next  time I want  100% and  want it to be under 2 minutes  if you would like to try it the link is here 

Trump Poster

Me and my thinking group ( Shannon Jasmine and Tiare) made a poster about trump if you don't know what trump is it stands for Thinking,Relating to others,Understanding Language,symbols and text,Managing self,Participating and Contributing.We showed our learning by taking pictures relating to trump.We also explained how you can do it and what it means.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Sentence Structure


Today we  got taught how to make your sentences better with using the 5 w's (Who,What,When,Where and Why) .I worked with my class mate Zahra. Our learning attention  is to use the 5 w's to make our sentances more interesting. So for example my story started with The dog.Then I would add in what "The dog barked loud".I would use one of the 5 w's when so I would change it to " In the morning the dog barked loud. Now Where it would take place " In the morning the dog barked loud in his kennel".The last W why so the sentence would sound like this. In the Morning the dog barked loud in his kennel because he was hungry.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Favorite sports

  In Maths we learnt about statistics because we wanted to know about LS2. The learning attention is to plan, carry out and analyse a statistical inquiry. My question that Me and Jane asked everyone was "What is your favorite sport you like to play? "The class voted Netball the most because girls from our class play netball for the school team and the lowest was Volleyball is because people don't play it as mush as other popular sports.