Sunday, 27 March 2016

What Are Public Health Nurses?- Attitude Care Award

Today I was working on my silver care award Attitude one of the activities we had to complete in order to get it was to " Research the role of a P.H.N ( Public Health Nurse)  in our school and tell us how they help us " . I made a google drawing on  how they helps us like they check in 3 days a week to check on everyone in the school.

Reading With my Little Sister - Silver Care Award

Today Me and my little sister "Mckenzy" were reading a book called " Clifford goes to school".I helped here with extra words and letters to improve on her reading. We had a lot of fun  reading together with laughing and all sorts of things.This activity was to complete my care award Attitude.

Friday, 25 March 2016

The Palace Of Bangkok Home Learning

This week our home learning we got to travel to was  "The Palace of Bangkok" .I worked with Mahdia in this DLO.I learnt a lot of things about "The Palace Of Bangkok" . Did you know that there is a special rule in order to enter the palace was to where appropriate clothing  for both genders like for girls and boys don't wear shorts,no singlets,t-shirts,dresses,skirts. Suggested clothing was probably long skirts long pants long sleeve T-shirt clothing like that.   

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What Flag Will You Choose?

Today in LS2 we voted for our flag that we wanted to chose.We got into our thinking groups and made a T-chart with a Tick (Change) or cross for (No change).In each column we put our reasons why we wanted to keep the current flag or why we shouldn't.LS2 learned how to make an inform choice.I choose to keep it because the flag we have is 27 million dollars and the money can go towards charity work or homeless people.I also picked no to change it because this flag holds New Zealand History with Anzac soldiers that fought for N. Z.

Place Value Games

Today my maths task was to play the task boards.This week we had to work on our place value I picked three games to play I played the challenge and the two easy ones.I think the hardest one was probably the challenge ( the picture on the top) because it had decimals in it and I'm not that good  in my decimals.If you would like a challenge the link is over here.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Magic Magician

Today in Maths I was working on my timetables.The ones I really wanted to improve on was my 5x and 8x.I wasn't worried on how fast I get it I wanted to get the questions all right.Next time I am aiming to get it faster and the questions correct.

Mosque of Herat Home Learning

Last week our we got to travel to " Mosque Of Herat"  in our home learning. The " Mosque Of Herat" is located in Afghanistan.I learnt a lot about this while working on this I learnt that they built it because they wanted to make the place bigger for other  muslims to worship their god.I worked with Nesi in this task.  

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Little Red Riding Hood TOPES

Little red riding hood
Orientation means introduction that includes the 5 W's.
Little red riding hood gets asked from her mother to drop some food off to her grandmas house, she also receives a warning from her mother not to take the shortcut.
An issue cause by something.

Little red riding hood does not listen to her mother and takes the shortcut and comes across the big bad wolf. The wolf sees the basket full of food and asks questions on where she is going.   
Explaining the details.
The wolf then runs to grandmas house and looks granny in the closet. Grandma and dresses up as her so that little red riding hood will be tricked
The issue is being solved.
Little red riding hood screamed and the woodcutter came as fast as he could to take granny out of the closet.

Today our main focus in writing was TOPES ( Title , Orientation , Problem , Explanation  and Solution.My group I worked with were Charlize , Zahra , Zeba and Nazella we all organized parts of the story into TOPES.I learnt how to use TOPES in a narrative hopefully I can learn more about TOPES so I can be an expert on it.   

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Netball Personal Passion

This week I worked on my care awards and one the activities I completed was "Create a DLO about your personal passion.This activity was under  "Excellence and Innovation".I am trying to complete and activity a week.My personal passion is "Netball" I have been playing netball ever since I was 6 years old from this day on I'm still playing the fantastic sport.

Life Cycle Whitebait

Today I made a Life Cycle on White Bait I learnt so much about it like "When's a good time to catch it,How to catch it.I also learnt new vocabulary.Our main focus was the "Authors purpose" I tried thinking what was the authors purpose.I wasn't quite sure I thought it was an information report about white baiting. 

Current Events Challenge

Today I completed a Reading Can Do I used a article from Kiwi Kids News . My article I did was "Football Ferns Beat Portugal".I added Images and the links to my DLO. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Magic Magician

Today our maths task was to play magic magician  to revise our 3x,4x and 7x times tables.I choose to do my 3x timetables my highest score is 30 seconds.The times I learnt my 3x timetables really paid off. Hopefully I can get 20 seconds next time. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Cyber Smart

This week I have been working on my cyber safe DLO for my care award Confidence.The challenge was to "Create a DLO on How to stand up to bullies or How to be cyber safe.So I picked Cyber safe I  made a DLO and added some tips on how to be cyber safe.I am Aiming to to do one activity a week.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Home Learning

This week our home learning we got to learn about was the leaning Tower of Pisa which is located in Italy.I worked with Mishaan with this activity we did the main task and the Challenge.I learnt a lot of things that I never knew about ,I didn't know that the tower was actually tilted 5.5 degrees but got reduced to 3.97 degrees by the builders that made it less tilted.

How to survive a cow attack

This week in reading we had to make a DLO ( Digital Learning Object ) on " How to Survive a cow attack" we got given an article on how to survive on a cow attack and  gave us some tips.We used some of these tips and put it in our own words.Here are some tips to help you survive a cow attack

Recorder Karate

Yesterday I got my yellow belt in recorder  karate.We had to play music and show Mrs Eeles that we know how to play.A group of people got yellow belt and some other people got orange.Hopefully next week I get my orange belt.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Science photo story

 This term our Inquiry  topic is "Science" our group ( group 3 ) partnered with someone ( zahra ) you and your partner made one on oobleck and one on baking soda and vinegar .I did baking soda  and Vinegar.we Made a photo story  which has a method or instructions. I added my question I wanted to find out ,my prediction and conclusion.My  first prediction was wrong I was shocked because I thought I was going to be correct.

How to write an orientation

This week our main focus on writing was how to write an orientation.Me and Jorja made a presentation how to write an orientation we gave some tips and tricks on how to write one.We wrote what to introduce in your orientation,what to start with and many others too.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Writing an Orientation

It was early in the morning and I was having a lovely sleep until “SPLASH!”  My cat Ginger suddenly jumped inside the fish tank trying to eat my fish Bubbles and his friend Gary. I quickly got up and tried to take him out but he was trying to eat Bubbles. “OUCH!”  I yelled as Ginger  bit me so hard my hand had little teeth marks near my fingers. He went under but I knew he wouldn’t last. MEOW! He was trying to bite bubbles but missed . I took Ginger out of the fish tank I immediately got a  towel and put it over him.

In writing we worked on our orientation I made an orientation starting with the setting for example "As the sunset it was early in the morning". I used a picture prompt which has a cat in the fish tank. I learnt that in the start of the story you can use a hook, the setting, dialogue and action.

Place Value

Today in maths we got set a task for place value we ordered numbers from highest to lowest.I played a game then I added the numbers from highest to smallest and I got it correct all of them.

Magic Magician

Today I played Magic magician we had to answer 20 questions in 1 minute is was pretty hard which means I have to learn my times tables in my spare time.The most tricky one was my 8x times tables.Luckily I  finished in 47 seconds and got 90%.Hopefully the next time i will get 100%.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Word Cline's Challenge

This week I made a Word Cline's list with the word Mad.I used words that were better than just the word mad like angry and disappointed words related to that word.The words got better and better from happy to pleasant.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Safety Search Tips

For the past few weeks we have been learning some smart searching tips.To show our learning we made a Digital learning object about it and some tips we learnt in the classroom.We compared our searches with pictures and words that we needed and didn't need.I worked with Nazella and Zahra. 

Making Fruit Salad

In tech we made fruit salad.We learnt how to use knives (how to give it to people,how to recieve it,How to cut fruit properley,what the proper names are for knives).Me and my partner Mishaan gave some to the teachers like Miss Kirkpatrick,Mr Wong,Miss Spate and Mr johnston our principal.

Oobleck Science Experiment

Yesterday we made oobleck for our science experiment the things we used were corn flower water and food colouring.Our colour we picked was blue.We first put the corn flour inside the bowl then made a space in the middle to put the water and food colouring in.We started to mix it ,it started to turn hard as in a solid but if we stirred it around with our finger it was a liquid I wasn't quite sure if it was a liquid,Solid or both.I touched it but it sort of felt like slime.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This term our topic for our Inquiry is "Science".Our first experiment we did was baking soda and Vinegar.The solid was baking soda and the liquid was vinegar.We first used malt vinegar and added baking soda in a little cup we poured the malt vinegar inside the cup and it rised with little bubbles.We recorded our information in our thinking books.Then we used white vinegar and the same amount of baking soda we used in our first time using it.Then it rised up again but with so much bubbles then the first time.I compared the difference we used different vinegar and the  it had so much bubbles.

Mona Lisa Home Learning

 This week me and Sajiha were working on our home learning this week we had to find out about the Mona Lisa.If you don't know what the "Mona Lisa" it is painting that has been around for many many years.We learnt a lot about the Mona Lisa.We learnt different things about the painting like ,did you know that the Mona Lisa is a spelling error it is suppose to be Monna Lisa which in Italian means "Madonna" as in "My Lady".

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to be Scientist

This week we started on our Inquiry Topic how to be a scientist.We used our own photos that we took which looks really cool.Our group split into groups and worked on our slide we got some ideas from videos.We also showed examples like I saw that ...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


This Morning I was on my Xtra-Maths  I am on subtraction and my goal this term is to go to the next level.My high score today was 62 and got about 2 wrong.Hopefully when I log in I will be the next level.

Quick Writes

“ I heard a loud explosion in the science laboratory  what was that” I quickly ran  to the main science room.The explosion I heard was as loud as a big gun shooting it’s target.I wasn’t allowed  inside so I peeked through the window.They put something inside a big jar,  “BOOM”  the sound come back again I think they were trying to study baking soda reacting to a big giant class of vinegar.

Yesterday we edited our little story we made last week we used DRAFT (Delete,Rearrange,Add,Fix and Talk) to make our story sound better.I used Onomatopoeia,Fanboys,Adjectives and many more, to make my little story interesting.

Stretched Sentences

LI: To write a stretched sentence

Who - The sneaky fox
What - hunted
When - At midnight
Where - in the warm rainforest
Why -  desperately trying to catch it’s prayer.

At midnight the sneaky fox hunted in the warm rainforest , desperately trying to catch it’s prey.

Today our group ( Sajiha and Calvin) did stretched sentences our learning intention is to write a stretched sentence we used Who,What,When,Where and Why.We used DRAFT to make our sentence interesting.