Thursday, 30 June 2016

Collate a collage showcasing life at PBS

For one of my care awards I made a a collage showcasing life at Panmure Bridge School. I thought this task was one of my favorite because I got to talk about what it's like and I added in pictures to show my examples. This is for my respect care award. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nelson Mandela Motivational Poster

This is my 2nd motivational poster I had to make 3. I choose to do this one on Nelson Mandela you may have heard of him before. I choose him because I think this is a really good motivational quote because I think it is true that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." I hope everyone is motivated by this quote because I am . 

Anne Frank Motivational Poster

My third motivational poster is based on the one and only Anne Frank she is one of many worldwide leaders. One of her famous quotes that can motivate others was " Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." I am also inspired and motivated because I am grateful for all the things that are going well around and I have to learn to be more happier.  

Oprah Winfrey Motivational Poster

For my one of my care awards activities I had to make 3 motivational poster using quotes. I picked three people on of them was Oprah Winfrey. I think she will be motivational and inspiring because one of my favorite quotes from her is " The more your praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate". I think this will help people not mentally motivate them but physically.  I am aiming to get my Excellence and innovation awards. 

Britain leaving the European Union

This week in our current events we red an article based on "Britain leaving the European Union" . We red all different articles based on the story. We also wrote different points of views which was pretty cool. Me and Nesi had different points of views. I thought Britain should have left because they could have good opportunities to make their own rules instead of following the same rules as anybody else. Nesi thought that they should have stayed because if they had a job in Spain or Italy  it would be hard for them to get in the country so they had to sign things which will take for a long period of time.  

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

True Friends Speech

Do you have a true friend that will accept you for who you are, doesn’t judge the way you  look, act or even your popularity level? Well if you have a friend that argues with you every single day they are a waste of your valuable time. Good Afternoon, as most of you know, My name is Mia. Today I will be discussing the importance of friends.

What should you look for in a friend?
In a friend you should look for someone who is honest. As Benjamin Franklin said, honesty is the best policy. You would also want them to be really kind because a true friend wouldn’t be mean to you. In my opinion, I would want a friend who is really entertaining and super active.

So remember that a bit of honesty, entertainment and being active is some of the most important things to look for in a friend.

How should you treat your friends?
As most people say, treat someone the way you want to be treated. You wouldn’t want someone to be arrogant to you simply because you’re arrogant to them.  For example if I acted harsh to somebody they wouldn’t want to be my friend.

Why friends are important?
Friends are important and valuable because they are always there for you when you are going through a very hard time, they keep you occupied and they make you feel special. Friends can also give you really good advice in  situations you need help in. They will bring you up when you're down. If you don’t have a friend who would you have a shoulder to cry on or who will stick up for you when you need someone.

Now do you understand the meaning of friendship and why it is so precious? Well keep that question in mind because one day you'll think about it and you will say wow what is friendship.

Today we used presented our speech today. I presented it to a small group of people since we have a big classroom. In my group I had Tiare,Jasmine,Gozan and Shannon. The system we used was judging other people on a rubric my group judged me on expression, loud clear voice, eye contact and knowledge of the speech. Then after we had to pick the person who was the best. I sadly didn't get but I am aiming to get it next year. My speech was about "True Friends" . I thought I did pretty good but I had to talk more slowly because I noticed that when I get nervous I talk really fast.

China DLO

For the last two weeks I got to learn about China. I thought learning about China was really fun I got to learn new greetings, closest countries surrounded by it I also go to explore China with some images. I also labeled it because I wouldn't want to have copyrighted. I got to do this with new people from other classes which was really fun.   

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today we did our orienteering. This was the second week of learning the basics because last week we were looking at the signs and symbols that may appear on the map if we go orienteering inter-school. Today we went around the whole school , we all got different maps so we first started with course 1 then moved on to course 2,3 and 4. During this task I worked with Zahra (Zahra's Blog Link). I thought this was really fun I enjoyed it a lot but since it was raining during our session it was really muddy which was really hard to run.  

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Documentary advertisement

Last week we watched a documentary on Forgotten silver . After we watched this article we had to pick out a task that we wanted to do I choose to make advertise the documentary so i did. I used gray because it is an old movie and I wrote starring because I always see on a movie advertisement starring which is common.   

Park up for homes: Hundreds spend night in cars in support of homeless families

Today I red an article called " Park up for homes: Hundreds spend night in cars in support of homeless families". When I red this I watched the video it was really nice that the Mangere community supporting this problem they all came and  slept in their car even children did this which was really good. I thought this was sad because families are sleeping in cars what if they have a younger person in their family they could get easily sick and  not enough sleep. If there was one in my community I would definitely go so I could support the people that sleep in their cars. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Decimal Pirate Game

Today we learns our Decimal place value. I was a bit rusty on it because I haven't done this in a very long time since I was year 5. To improve on this we played a game called Decimal Pirate. For an example it asked us 5 in the thousandths place we had to find what pirate had the correct answer. I thought this game was a bit hard but now it's easy. If you would like to give yourself a challenge be sure to play the game .(link to game)

5 facts about Peter Jackson

Today we made a DLO about peter Jackson we had to write 5 facts about him. You may have heard of him before because he directed the famous films " Lord of the rings" and "The Hobbit". I didn't know that he made 2.9 million dollars with his one film "Lord of the Rings".

Friday, 10 June 2016

Making Connections Part 2

In this task we read the smog article in China. Then we had to use the comment section commenting why it reminnded you of something so if it was text to world, text to self, text to text. In most parts this reminded of somethings in my life experience, books or poems  and to the world based on a country or place. For this task I worked with Cecillia. (Cecillia's blog)

Making Connections Part 1

This week we have been making connections. There are three type of connections text to world, text to text , text to self. Text to self meaning that a part of something in the story reminds you of something of your life experience. Then text to text meaning that a part of the text means from another book or poem it is sort of the same. Then text to world is something that is sort of related to the whole world or based on a country.

Blog Comments Tamaki Primary blogs

Today we blog commented on Tamaki Primary Blogs. I choose to comment on Raechal,Ana and Kira they had really good pieces of work which I think you should go and comment on.  Last week we blog commented on Point England School in Glenn Innes.

Thursday, 9 June 2016


This is my Japan DLO . In this task we learnt about Language challenge and the google maps challenge. I learn a lot in these sets of task I now know how to say hello in Japanese it's "Konichiwa ". I also worked with Nazella in this task (Nazella's Blog). 


For  2 weeks my group has been in Thailand . To show our learning we made a DLO about it . There were Food Challenges,Google Maps, Emblem challenge , Language challenge and their is a bonus part on how to wai. I learnt a lot of things about this country from lenght it is about 200 km which is pretty small it's like Auckland to Keri Keri. I thought learning about Thailand is really fun but I can't wait to learn more things about China next week.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Thank you Letter Silver Care Award

To complete on of the activities for my care award I had to make a thank you letter to one of the teachers so I picked Miss Kirkpartick. In this thank you letter I wrote the things I like about her . I  wrote how she was funny gave us work that was hard but good because I love challenges.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Blog Post Data Analysis

Today we made a Blog post Data Analysis. This shows how you have improved through the years of blogging and how much you posts altogether. I have improved through the years because I have been completing more work this year. In 2014 I never posted work because it was either not digital (meaning on paper) or I wasn't posting that much work on my blog. I think  March was one of my best months of blogging because I got about 31 blog posts which was pretty good.