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The boy that Saved Ryan

The boy that saved Ryan 


It was a cold morning in Gallipoli as soldiers are getting ready to battle it was Monday 1st of August  a  young boy called Ryan  entered the war.Ryan was a poor young boy that lived with his mother he was a farmer he didn't get that much money he always wanted to go war but his Mother always would say No because she would have to find a job and she would be home alone so decided she should stay with her sister.Before he wanted to go war he really wanted to see his father at the cemetery to get him good luck and hopefully come home with no injury.  As they started the war the boys ran into a trench grabbed  a gun and started   fighting.

Ryan didn't know anyone apart from the people at school that he never talked to.He started to shake ,his stomach  had butterflies and his hands started shaking that was the signal that  he was really frightened and wanted to run away.

The next day of war Tuesday 2nd of August 1915,it was 4.00 in the morning  Ryan heard a big bang and suddenly woke up he looked outside then Boom! he got shot in the leg Ouch! screamed Ryan he got up limping over to his bag he had some bandages and wrapped it around his leg.Two months later time past he felt the leg starting to bleed he fell on the ground .A young person in the Turkish army saw Ryan struggle he looked around no one was around he quickly ran and helped him up Ryan had his gun as the young boy came he said.

Ryan screamed and said  “ NO I WILL SHOOT YOU IF YOU GET AWAY FROM ME I WON’T SHOOT OKAY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE’’ Yelled Ryan.The young boy said “I can help you I was a doctor in Turkey I'm from Ankara’’ the boy replied .The boy helped him up he  healed him with medicines that he carried in his bag and grabbed a bandage and stuck it on his leg he gave him a medicine that was orange and smelt so bad that you would want to puke Ryan said  “I'm not taking that okay it looks disgusting’’ .Ryan said wait I want to know your name and he wanted to say Thank you but the boy ran off .

This is my Narrative that I wrote it is about a boy named Ryan he got shot in the leg and 2 months later he starts to struggle and  a Turkish young boy helps him with medicines and plasters.