Monday, 31 October 2016

Touch Rugby

Last week Wednesday I got to participate in the Inter-school touch rugby competition. I was in the Maroon team. We won twice , lost twice and drew twice which was a big surprise.  I thought our games were really hard and easy because you had teams that didn't really use the whole team and others that worked together and that's why they won. I really enjoyed it I would like to thank Mr Ogilivie, Miss Colenbrander and Mr M that looked after us and helped us with some skills. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrow your search

Since our class has been learning how to narrow our search down so we can get the right information we made a DLO about it. Our learning intention was How to narrow a search. I made my layout into a method because if I did this it would help the audience understand how you could narrow a your search and I also added in some images to see what it would come up with.  

3D Sketching

Today at Tech we have been learning how to draw 3D cubes with Miss Ferguson and look at the different ways and perspectives of it. I have taken two pictures of how it turned out for me. So we started off with Oblique this shows the sides of the shape. Then we moved on to vanishing point this will help us were to write it and different perspectives of the shape.  It also has parallel lines towards it I guess when it's lining up to draw the shape. Next we got given a piece of Isometric grid lines we put it behind a piece of see through paper. A trick to draw the 3D shaped cubes was to count up to 3 or 2 this would be 3 by 3 or 2 by 2. This makes it even and the shape to become more of the same.  Using the same shapes we drew with the Isometric grid lines we had to colour a different shade or tone. I coloured the top square light but I had to remember to colour one way because it would look messy if we had to colour it different ways. Then I coloured the other square a medium kind of tone then a darker kind of tone. I thought this was fun and I can't wait to start designing my 3D printing. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Read 20

This year we have been using this site called read 20. Well first you test yourself and they adjust what grade would fit you perfectly. I first was on grade 6 now my normal grade is grade 7 but I just had to remember that they were marking it based on american levels. When you find your grade they will give you a passage and you will have to answer multi choice questions. Our teacher usually gives us ladders to help us answer the questions.  The ladder will give us steps to answer it properly. I really enjoy this site because it helps me answer multi choice questions properly and I get to understand the text more also I get to find out what grade reading at. 

How do birds fly?

Have you ever wondered how birds fly or questioned yourself why can't us humans fly? Well I have made a DLO on how some birds fly with the piece of information from online.  They flap in a circle kind of motion this will help them balance and go more higher. Balance and control , they balance by gliding from side to side and actually the air sort of controls and balances them while they are in the air. I can't wait to learn more because my interest level on birds have gone higher and higher. 


Yesterday we had to learn how to summarize stories. This skill we already knew but we just had to come back to it so we can get a clear idea of what to do. This task that I had done was that we had to play a game. So first you had to read the passage that it had given you then you had to highlight the main points of the text. After doing this you would make a handbook and summarize all three chapters of the passage. I thought this really helped me with my reading skills because now I know some tips to summarize properly. If you would like to give you are reading challenge click here.

Solving multiplications word problems

In maths we have been working on multiplication problems. We had to work collaboratively with a partner I worked with Zahra.   This asked us multiplication word problems in everyday contexts. This problem I have taken a screenshot out of is one of the problems that I had to solve.  I thought this would really help me with my assessment because most of the maths problems are word problems. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cyber Smart

Today Mrs Ogilvie from the national library came to talk to us about smart searching. She gave us a few tips to help us smart search and be cyber smart. She also gave us some good advice on sites that we can use for school. Our first one that she showed us was Epic this had links to sites for pupils in Primary, Secondary or High school or even University. We found a site named Britannica this helped us a lot because we could use  images from that site , reference it and we could use it as long as it's for school. If we wanted to search something up and found a site we could make it in to different font size and depending on our reading level we could change up a bit. The next site we looked at was Topic explorer this helped us a lot because won of the topics we could search up was   Flight and our topic for this term is Flight. I found this really handy because I could use it during Inquiry. Her tips was to actually use lower case letters while searching because it gives you more information about the topic you are searching. I thought this was really fun because I got to find new sites and also great tips to do while searching. Thank you Mrs Ogilvie.  

Reading Challenges

Our reading focus for the past two weeks was challenges. It had a mixture of comprehension and retelling. We got to work collaboratively with our groups. Our first challenge we faced was to read a story and retell it in 25 words. I thought this was hard because we only had a limited amount of words to write. Our next challenge that we had to finish was to fill in the blank we had to understand the text first then e had to fill it in with words. I thought this was just as hard as the first one because we didn't know what words matched the type of story. We got another challenge which was to fill in the blank again. Our learning intention was to follow instructions and making sure we had to read for meaning and understanding. This also helped us to skim( fast read of whole text / page )  and scan ( hover over the info to read in more detail).  I really enjoyed this activity I hope to get more of these so it gets me thinking and helps me with my reading skills. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Today we got to do rhythm Interactive they are a group that tour around New Zealand and other countries. They basically teach us African Drumming. It was really fun because we got to match the beat and sing as well. We also learnt different techniques to drumming. They didn't really speak because they were trying to prove a point, they were trying to prove that actions that are louder than words. I totally agree with this because I also think this as well. I learnt that we can connect beats so it can sound longer.  I would like to thank Lucy and Johnny for helping us and learning cool things in music. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Godwit/Kuaka Popplet

This term our inquiry focus was on the Bartailed Godwit but in Maori it is known as the Kuaka. The Yr7's have created a popplet together that tells informations about the appearance, habitat, Migration diet and what effects Godwit/Kuaka in different ways. We also added in some images and videos to give a clear picture of the special bird.  Did you know that they have a 8-9 day non stop flight, this adds up to one whole week and one day which is a short period of time considering they are flying long distance.   We look toward to learn more about the unique birds.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Today the year 7 pupils were talking about leadership since we are going to be leaders next year we had to get a reminder of leadership qualities.  For example we would write qualities of a leader but we had to know that leaders aren't perfect they make mistakes as well. I chose this shape because it has 25  words and 25 fingers which made sense. Also leaders help each other. I really enjoyed this activity because I got to experience what it was like to be a leader.