Friday, 21 October 2016

3D Sketching

Today at Tech we have been learning how to draw 3D cubes with Miss Ferguson and look at the different ways and perspectives of it. I have taken two pictures of how it turned out for me. So we started off with Oblique this shows the sides of the shape. Then we moved on to vanishing point this will help us were to write it and different perspectives of the shape.  It also has parallel lines towards it I guess when it's lining up to draw the shape. Next we got given a piece of Isometric grid lines we put it behind a piece of see through paper. A trick to draw the 3D shaped cubes was to count up to 3 or 2 this would be 3 by 3 or 2 by 2. This makes it even and the shape to become more of the same.  Using the same shapes we drew with the Isometric grid lines we had to colour a different shade or tone. I coloured the top square light but I had to remember to colour one way because it would look messy if we had to colour it different ways. Then I coloured the other square a medium kind of tone then a darker kind of tone. I thought this was fun and I can't wait to start designing my 3D printing. 

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  1. Hi Mia,

    I really liked how you took a photo because it's showing us evidence of what you are doing. I also really liked how you told us what you guys were doing because it really tells us a clear picture. Your descriptive blurb was really interesting to read. Was there anything you disliked or anything you found hard? Nice job, keep up the great learning.