Friday, 29 July 2016

Buddy Reading

Today room 3 and room 4 came to LS2 to read with each other in Maori it's called Tuakana Teina meaning a younger and older person reading together. I partnered up with my little sister " Mckenzy" . We read a book called Fancy Nancy she enjoyed the book so much she wanted me to read the book again. My sister told me that she learnt some new words like " Thank you , Where and many more. I really enjoyed this activity I really hope we do this some other time. 

Buddy Reading

Today room 3 and room 4 came to LS2 to read with each other in Maori it's called Tuakana Teina meaning a younger and older person reading together. I partnered up with my little sister " Mckenzy" . We red a book called Fancy Nancy she enjoyed the book so much she wanted me to read the book again. My sister told me that she learnt some new words like " Thank you , Where and many more. I really enjoyed this activity I really hope we do this some other time. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Week

This week was book week. Our whole school dressed up as a character from the book. I dressed up as a vampire from a chapter book called " Dracula".  Each class took turns at displaying their costume. I really like how room 3 all dressed up from a book you may have heard of it's called " Mrs Wishy Washy". I also thought that we all brang the magic to books by bringing the character alive. The teachers also dressed up as book characters they were really creative and it looked realistic.   I really want to thank Mrs Milward for organizing this event I really hope to do this next year. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


This week for writing our topic for this term is advertising. We were put into groups. In my group there was Zahra, Mahdia, Zahn and I. Then we were asked to choose I person to listen to what the other people say and write the sentences out. After we had to make a 25 word paragraph of what advertising meant.  

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributing Images

Today we learned how to attribute images. To attribute an image  you need to click on the search tools, click on the usage rights and then click on labeled for reuse. These images that we have used are labeled for reuse we have also have the permission slip to use it.  For this task I worked with Nesi. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Wheelchair Curling

Wheel chair Curling 

For this task we had to make up our own sport that can be played at the Paralympics but remembering there were people that were blind  and deaf.  I thought Wheel Chair Curling was the best options because the people in the team that are deaf can tell the people that are blind where they are going so they can get the rock into the right place that they need to.  But there is a twist they all have to bee in wheelchair and they have to try and measure the length it went. 

You are not allowed to start before the rock is even started to go to the right place.
You have to have 2 hands on the broom not one. 

Raising Money Ideas

For this task I had to find some ways to sponsor the New Zealand Paralympic team. I thought that selling treats at big events is one thing because there are some people that are hungry or need some sugar inside of them. I also found that if you have some connections with big factories you can ask people to sponsor the team. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Paralympic games

If I had to pick a person I had to compete with in the Paralympic games. I would say my brother because he is athletic and whenever we team up with each other we always win. I think we will work well together because we have great team skills because we play team sports which is a bonus. I also think we will work together well because we always encourage each other to push ourselves which is really cool.   We will work together well because we want the same thing to win but remembering winning isn't everything. 

Imaginative story

Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden I see Gabrielle Douglas she is a famous gymnast that competes in the USA team. She comes walking up to the crowd she came to sign autographs and take pictures. Then when it came to me it was like a dream just came true she signed my notebook and Ipad cover along with a picture. I was so shocked but really happy. I will never ever forget this moment of happiness I mean ever!

Maria Tutaia

Maria Tutaia

I think I would pick Maria Tutaia to come and host  in the Olympics because she is a very famous netballer that has been around for many years. I think she should come here because most new zealanders will notice her from her famous awards that she has won.  I also picked her because she is another person I look up to in netball because I like how she plays the sport and her shooting which is always on point. 

New Zealand Uniform Ratings

I would think this uniform is the best because it shows the silver fern on it which symbolizes our country New Zealand. I also think this is the best one because not that much countries have black as their main colour so we will stand out with the pop of colour. 

I think I would say this is the 2nd best because the Olympians look very smart with their skirts and shirts but I think  the silver fern is a bit to big  and it doesn't seem to catch anyone's eye.

I would say this one is the worst because not only it has more random colours on it but it also has a bit of red on it which isn't really New Zealand colours.  I think the silver fern could have been mad

Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?

The person that inspires me is my Kayla Cullen. If you don't know she is a famous netball player that plays for the silver ferns.  She inspires me because she is a hard worker, team player and shows really great sportsmanship. One day I really want to become a Silver ferns player with all the qualities that she has. 

Majorie Gestring

Majorie Gestring

If you don't know her she the youngest Olympian who has ever one an Olympic gold medal at the Olympics at the age of 13.  She competed in 3 meter spring-board diving. 

5 questions I would ask Majorie Gestring

  1.  How long have you been swimming?
  2. How did you start swimming/diving?
  3. Have there been any hardships that you have overcome?
  4. What are some goals that you have set for the next Olympics?
  5. Are there anyone who has inspired you through they years?

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle

Since I have already watched the movie. I don't want to ruin it to my fellow audience I will just summarize the trailer.  This movie is about a boy named Eddie. His dream was to become a famous Olympian , he tries to find a sport that we was really good. Despite all the negative people telling him that he couldn't do it he "Never Gave Up". He kept trying and trying until eventually he found a sport that suited him it was Ski Jumping. He tried and tried he just never gave up. Until........

Watch the movie to find out the next part to Eddie the Eagle.  If you haven't watched the trailer click here

I think this movie is a really motivational movie because it's mostly about never giving up on your dreams.  Also this is based on a real story can you believe that. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Be the inspiration 

I think I would give the short movie a  ***** (meaning a good movie) . I really thought this movie  was really good. I think this movie would help inspire people to achieve their dreams. I also like how it displayed New Zealand scenery or landscape because it was absolutely beautiful.  It was really cool how they showed a bit of Rio scenery too.
If you would like to watch the movie and be inspired by this click here.

Andrea Kilday

Andrea Kilday 

I would want to meet Andrea because I think most women don't ever compete in that sport and I have never met a women who has competed in Taekwondo .   Also because  I would want her to tell me all about the experience of being a Taekwondo competitor.

3 Questions I would ask Andrea Kilday
  • Why did you want to join Taekwondo was it a purpose or was it for fun?
  • Did anyone delt you when you joined? 
  • How many hours do you train a week?

Lisa Carrington

Lisa Carrington 
Lisa Carrington is a World Champion. Lisa is a flat water canoe racer.  She has won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics and has won a gold medal in the 2011 Canoe Sprint World Champions.

3 facts about Lisa Carrington 

  • Did you know she was New Zealand Maori Sportsperson of the year in 2013.
  • She has made up a new world record of 40.528 seconds in her K-1 200 meters race.
  • Lisa Carrington is born in Tauranga, New Zealand. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Poem about the Rio Olympics

My day was filled with happiness
but it was also filled with busyness
I got to meet one of the famous golf player Lydia Ko
My eyes were filled with joy I started to wonder what do I ask her?
I felt nervous, anxious and most of all excited 
This was the best job ever I could do this the rest of my life
I had a bit of a strife time because the Olympics were coming to a end
Im really hoping that I get to do this again so I can meet new people
But most of all going to new places.....


Today I played a fun game of archery. Me and my brother battled it out but I sadly lost. We had to aim for some very high targets like near the tree , box and many more. I think tomorrow we are definitely  going to try a new sport  or maybe we could have our own mini Olympics. 

Water Polo

The name of the sport is water polo. I have heard of it before but I have never like known the rules or even how to play. But since I have red more information about it I have red that the aim of the game is to , so there is 7 players in each team. Now each team has to try and get the ball into the oppositions goal. The team with the most goals wins.   One rule is that you have to only use one hand to hold the ball. another rule is that only the goalie of the goal can hold it with two hands but he/she has to be within 5 meters of he/she's own goal. 

Quickfire facts
  • Did you know that  it was the first team sport to ever enter in the Olympic games.
  • Men only played the sport but then women started playing in 2000 which was the Sydney Olympic games.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Logo Design!

For my logo of the next coming Olympics.  I think this suits because this looks like a flower. Since Japan loves blossoms they have cherry blossom festivals every year. It also has the Olympic rings to suit the design.  I think I like this design because of the colours because it's nice and simple and it is also easy to see.  

Famous Landmarks in New Zealand

Famous Land Marks in New Zealand

1. Sky tower 
You may have heard of it. It is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It was originally opened in 1997 this took about 3 years to build which is quite a long time.  

In my opinion I think it is famous for the most tourist attractions because in fact it has quite a lot of people that come in one day. You could bungee jump, sky walk and many more.

2.  Auckland Harbour Bridge 
I'm sure you have went over the bridge at least once. Well the harbour bridge is located in Auckland. It was opened in 1959 and is 1,020 meters length wise. 

I think that Auckland Harbour Bridge is famous for tourist attractions like the same as the sky tower. It is also famous for being used as state highway 1.

3.  Waiheke Island 
Waiheke Island is and Island in New Zealand in fact it has been recently voted for the worlds best Islands.  The original Moari name for Waiheke Island is Te-Motu- arai- roa . 

It is famous for the , second largest Island in the gulf after Great Barrier Island.  

Tom and Vinicius- 2016 Olympics in Rio

Episode 3 summary 

Episode 3 was about  Vinicius and Tom meet these three girls that really want a picture with them. The girls tell them to keep moving back then they fall over a cliff. Luckily they land safely but they have a canoe race near by then they randomly start kite boarding.  Eventually they find themselves in a place then start dancing and singing with the girls that fooled them . I think this story is really twisted and interesting.  If you would like to watch the set of episode here they are:
Episode 1 ( Click here )
Episode 2 ( Click Here
Episode 3 ( Click Here

Saturday, 9 July 2016

No girls allowed!

Im sure you've heard or seen this before. Well in the olden days no Women were allowed to compete in the Olympics also they weren't even allowed to watch the games. In my opinion I think this isn't a fair rule because just because we are a different gender ten you does not mean that we can't do what boys can do. What I mean is that girls can do just as much as boys as long as we put our mind to it. 

Once upon a time in Olympia part 2

If you don't know who Milo of Croton is he is known for his world famous wrestling. He is  a 6th century wrestler who was born BC (before Christ). He has many victories in athletic festivals in ancient  Greece. 

3 facts about Milo of Croton

  1. He got his name Croton from a city called Crotone but just without an e. This particular city is Italy.
  2. Did you know his daily training was carrying a calf until it turns in to a full sized Ox. Apparently he carried one in the stadium of Olympia.
  3. Milo is a six time Olympic victor. He won the " Boys Wrestling award and after that he won a five men's wrestling title.  

Which sport will you pick?

If I had to pick a sport out of running, wrestling, boxing , pankration , equestrian racing or pentathlon. I would pick Equestrian racing because I really like horses they are on of my favourite animals. I would also pick this sport because I have never tried it and I really want to try something different other than the really common sports that most people play today.  

Friday, 8 July 2016



Yesterday a visitor from spark came to our School to talk to us about leadership. Her name was Lynne she first told us to write our role models on a piece of paper and list the reasons why you admire them. I picked a sports person called Kayla Cullen she is one of my role models because she shows really good sportsmanship and is a good team player. Then Lynne told us to write our dream and what you want to change about New Zealand.  For my dream I said I wanted to be a famous netball player and for my change in New Zealand I said I wanted New Zealand to give back to countries by donating money to countries that go through poverty.  After that Lynne gave us a bag,notebook , pen, water bottle and hat. I really want to thank them for giving us this Panmure Bridge School really appreciate it. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Orienteering Reflection

Today I made a DLO reflecting on my term 2 orienteering  lessons I got taught at school.  I talked about the teachers that taught us the sport, what we learnt and who I worked with. I really loved it how I got to do something new because the most common sports are rugby, netball and many more. I really hope that I get to do it next year so I could learn more about the amazing sport. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Comprehension game skills

This week for my reading I was practicing my comprehension skills with fun activities and games. My  was to I also had to answer questions. So what you had to do was look at a title that then it has three options is this story about  Persuading, Entertaining or informing. I got all of this write because I could recognize the kind of mood and effect the titles was using. I think that is  why I got the answers correct. If you would like to challenge yourself and see if you can get the answers correct click here to play.I was practicing identifying authors purpose.  I also played another game you had to follow instructions by reading and understanding the text properly. So for an example it would say  take three roads to go to school if you were over you had to correct it.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life education

Today LS2 year 7's went to Life education caravan with Nicole. She taught us about our body systems she also introduced us to herald's friend Bob.  She talked about our circulatory which is our  veins,blood and arteries. Our veins are the blue parts of our body this surrounds our whole body. There is also another  one it is called  the arteries this also is all over our bodies. Between the session our class played the rhythm clapping game basically the teacher or person says a number and you have to clap the number but there is a certain rhythm you have to go by it could be fast or slow.  I sadly didn't win but it's okay when we play the game again ill try to win. The last session talked about our kidneys and lungs she talked about how it works. I can't wait till the next session so we can learn more about it. 

Myth about a brainy flamingo who wins the lottery

Today I made a story starters. So you first have to spin a random generator this picks your topic you are going to write about. For my one it said I had to write a myth about a brainy flamingo who wins the lottery. When I first saw it it was pretty weird but it was okay when I got to write more about it.  I choose to write a newspaper story. I really enjoyed this because I got to write about things I never usually write about.  If  you would like to  write one of these story's (click here)