Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Respecting cultrual tradition

Since this week is Samoan language week we have watched a YouTube clip that was talking about keeping the tradition of the Samoan Culture alive and the importance of respecting the traditions in the dances.  Zahra and I worked collaboratively to summarize the video. We selected 20 important words and from there picked the 6 most important words. Using those words we summarized the whole YouTube clip. I think summarizing is a very important skill to have because it can help you with different reading tasks because you can find a way to retell the information in your own words. I think I have been improving on this skill and hopefully I will master it. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This is my DLO on a maths problem our group has been working out. Since it is Samoan Language Week we decided to make a equation based on that. I think the working out of this was quite hard because it can be hard converting fractions into numbers. We had to change the denominator as well. 

Friday, 26 May 2017


In this DLO this showcases my working out for BEDMAS. If you don't know what BEDMAS is it stands for brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. We had to use the grid to workout our problems so we had to start on 8 in question 1 we could move diagonally or across or even down but we weren't allowed to jump numbers. It was basically the same with question 2 but we had to start with 9 and the equation had to equal 43. 

Tech @ Tamaki College

Tech at Tamaki College was great. Today was our new rotation so we changed to graphics. This term we have to design clocks customized by our own. We first had to make a college about ourselves adding in pictures of what we like our favourite food and etc.  We then had to gather different types of clocks such as a digital clock or an alarm clock. I am excited to see how this turns out because this very different. 


One of our reading focuses was to summarize a book called Eco-rangers Save the Planet. As we red we wrote down some words that are important. So we started off with 20 words then cut it down to 6 most important words.  Now we made a summary with those 6 words. I think this summary was quite good and we used good choice of sentences to fit the words. 

Main Ideas

In reading we watched a you tube clip and listed some important ideas and sorted it out into groups such as "3 vital ideas, 4 very important ideas and important ideas". We did this as one whole group and negotiated on where to put the ideas in.  I think these are all in the correct place and have learnt lots about Recycling and how Auckland can make a difference. 

National Young Leaders Day award

In assembly me and the student leaders got a award from the National young leaders day. This award was about attending this event and got signed off by Te Waka Mcleod, James Beck and our School principal. 

National Young Leaders Day

Yesterday the student leaders went to national young leaders day.This took part at the Vodafone Events centre. We listened to inspiring speeches followed by a performance by a New Zealand Band called Nomad. The people that shared their stories with us was Daniel Flynn, Aaron Jackson and Jodi Brown.  There were also a lot of fun games that we played and we got to meet some student leaders from different schools. 

Monday, 22 May 2017



Today in writing we revised on the language feature metaphors. If you don't know what a metaphor is it is basically a simile but without the like or as meaning that you can compare something to another something without using those words. I thought this was kind of tricky but I think I got it in the end. I have illustrated a metaphor example. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Today in dance we had to focus on the different movements we can make with our bodies. We also were working on our personal warm ups to warm up the class. I worked collaboratively with Nazella and worked on our different angles. Our first shape was a square then transformed into a triangle then into a perfect circle. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Should people use sport to promote a change?

In reading today we had to read a book called "Tour like no other". This was about a really big world issue that happened a couple of years ago. It was about the protesters trying to stop South Africa from playing in New Zealand. Reading through the text and watching the videos I felt really mad because back then racism was really bad , but I thought it wasn't right to be doing this to other people we should be treated the same. 

Problem Solving

In Maths we had to solve a few problems. To show our learning we had to make DLO about it.  I had to pick one and show my strategy or how I solved this problem. I think this was easy it wasn't really challenging. 

World of Maths

Yesterday our class went to the World Of Maths.  Their were different Maths game that had a problem that had to be solved. We first started at  Steep Descent in this activity we had to estimate how many flashes it took for the ball to go down a ramp that had different levels. Our group (Victoria, Brooklyn, Miiana and Hajera)  worked collaboratively to solve this. My favourite activity was Greedy blocks. The maths that we mostly used was our addition. It had different problems to solve. To figure this out properly we had to read the instructions accurately.  I thought this was a challenge but it made me think a lot. I would like to thank Mrs Millward for organizing this for us and Charles for guiding us through. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Word Cline

The chunky challenge for this week was "est". For one of the tasks that we had to make, it was to make a word cline going up of very interesting words.  For my example I used quest then I had to use synonyms going upwards. I think I can use these words in my free writing time which will help me have a bigger range of vocabulary. 

Sentence Structure

This game helped me identify a simple, compound and complex sentence. I thought this was easy and hard but luckily I knew the conjunctions such as FANBOYS and AAAWWUBBIS. I now have a clear idea on what simple, compound and complex sentences are and I can use this in my writing stories. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Reducing Organic Waste

This is my poster for our inquiry topic "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". I had to make this to display how we can prevent food scraps from going into landfill. So I listed some reasons how we can do this. I have also added in how I can help in this situation. Adding images helped me back up my solution along with my attribution towards the image. 

Similes Illustration

In writing I had to make another DLO based on Similes. I had a very clear idea on Similes because I already knew what it is and how to use it. I have also added in images to give examples. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Read three novels during a term


One of my CARE (Excellence and Innovation)  award tasks was to read 3 novels in 1 term. My 3 novels I choose to read last term was Matilda, The Hunger Games and Smile.  All of them were all interesting and I would read all 3 books again. My favourite book was probably Matilda because it was weird and mysterious which I would recommend to fantasy readers. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Taekwondo today was a blast. We learnt how to be more disciplined as well as our fighting skills. This was quite tiring but I thankfully got through it.  I can't wait to see what happens next week with oue lesson. 

Music - Dance

Our first dance lesson was based on warm up's.  If you don't know what a warm up it basically loosens joints and increases blood flow through out your muscles  and preparing your for your physical exercise. In my group (Mishaan and Nazella) we had to make up our own warm up routine with a song, using stretches. To use our smart searching skills we used the internet to find some stretches we feel comfortable with.   We then shared it with other groups and they gave us some useful feedback that we could do next time. I think this was really fun and I hope we get to share our learning with others. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Distinguishing Fact From Fiction

In this activity we had to work out the true and false sentences.  Using the information from our novel study there were a few true and fake facts from the cold war that was happening a few years ago. I think that I got most of these rights considering I used my prior knowledge as well and I used websites to back up my thinking.  

Making Connections

In this DLO me and Sky had to make a connection in the story and kind of compare it to a text or a film, the world and the how we felt about the story.  One of my examples was how I watched the film " The Maze Runner" this related to the story because the country was not a democracy meaning that it wasn't ruled by the people of the land. 

Pizza Problem

In this DLO I had to work out a strategy and figure out the problem to this.  I have written the question, the clue and my strategy or my way of solving the problem.  This helped us with our fractions, multiplication and division. This was a tricky problem to solve but I successfully figured it out. 

Doubling and Halving

This week in Maths we had to revise on our halving and doubling.  Our learning Intention was to use known and try new strategies to answer maths questions.  Down below were a few of examples that we did. I thought the example of the strategy was and easy strategy to use and I think it had a few limitations to it.  We had to split the numbers into halves until it reaches a decimal point.  I worked collaboratively with Zahra.        (Zahras blog link)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Chunky Challenge "ight"

This weeks chunky challenge was "ight". We had to find words that had "ight" in the end of the word, the middle of the word and the start of the world. I gathered up all the words that I knew that had the chunk "ight" in it and added in the new words I found.  Then I made a word cloud about it and it turned out to be like this. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Valerie Adams

One of my care award tasks for excellence and innovation was to " Research a New Zealander that has shown excellence and innovation in their life". I thought Valerie Adams would be the perfect person to do this on considering she has won over 3 gold medals which is pretty impressive.  

Term 1 goals

Last term I achieved these goals that I set in the start of the year. One of them was to lead a duffy school assembly and I did this last term. I also had to post more than 6 blog posts in a week. These were quite tough but I successfully completed all of these. 

Simile language features

 In this challenge we had to Illustrate one of the similes in our activities. We had to look back at what a simile is. This gave me a clear idea what it is and where to use it.  My understanding of this is that as simile is a sentence that is compared to something using is or like. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Making truffle

Today we made truffle. I first didn't know what it was then I figured it out that they were small little balls that had coconut, condensed milk, chocolate chip, cocoa powder and the outside was covered in dark chocolate. We first mixed our ingredients together and then combined it together. This was pretty messy because when we formed it into it's shape it was stuck in our hands.  We now finished it off by putting the truffle into small cupcake wrappers and then put it inside a transparent bag and tied it up with a ribbon.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Current events

In this task we had to write about a current event that was happening in the world. We focused on one event that had happen which was China banning Ivory sellers. My point of view for this was that it is quite good because they will now stop killing animals and there will be less poaching. But I also think this is bad because people will start losing their jobs which means that their will be less money for the families. 

Colour Meaning

During our novel study we learnt some of the colour meaning in the book and how they pick their choice of colour. Me and Sky worked collaborative to make this presentation. We also added in the cover of the book and pointed out the colours and the meaning along with the picture.