Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Standing up to bullies- Care award

One of my Care award tasks was to "Create a DLO on how to stand up to bullies, or how to be cyber smart". So I made a DLO about standing up to bullies. I had to give advice or ways to stand up to bullies. One of my ways was to talk to a trusted adult that can help you with the problem they can confront the bully. 


  1. Hi Mia, I’m Yuktha and I go to Paihia School. I really like your poster/Google Drawings of Standing Up To Bullies. I learned a lot from your poster/Google Drawing. One question where did you find all your information?

  2. Hi Mia!
    Rosalina here, I loved your blog post about this topic as it is a common thing to happen around Auckland, New Zealand. I do agree with your list of things of how to prevent it to stop! But I do have a question for you, How could you relate to this or have you ever been in this position before? Overall it was great, I loved how you used interesting words.