Friday, 18 November 2016


In hockey today we got to learn a few of the basics and some warm up games just to get a clear idea what was going on.  We first started with a warm up game we played Octopus. We then played a nice game which could help us control and be steady with the ball.  So it was exactly the same as traffic lights but with a hockey stick and a hockey ball. Red light was to stop,  orange light was to slow down a move the ball from side to side , green light was to go fast, silver was to go really fast and Purple was to go backwards but watching where you were going. I enjoyed this activity the most because it helped me more with a skill. Then next game was to juggle the ball with the hockey stick this would help maintain our focus on the ball.  The most I got in a row without dropping it was 12 I thought  I did pretty good considering I was really bad at Hockey.  We then ended off with a nice game which had a twist. You were split into groups then the coach would yell out a number then , say if she calls out 2 , 2 people from each group would run up and   try to score. I enjoyed this lesson because it helped me more of maintaining and controlling the ball. 

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