Tuesday, 28 March 2017

5 minutes of Camp

Flying High

As my tummy was rumbling , I could hear my heart racing. It was time to fly up in the sky. I just wanted to get this over and done with. Thoughts racing through my mind I didn’t know what to do.

“ Flyer are you ready? “ instructor shouted.
“ Mia flying! “ I replied . Off I went, I went flying up high , high up in the sky. Whoosh! Feeling the cold breeze from the wind when I was swinging from side to side. Trees, fences, grass I could see everything from this point of view.

Now it was time to go down, I could feel the sweat rushing down my face , Click! Click! As I was cracking knuckles. Slowly like a tortoise I went down. It wasn’t as shocking as I thought it was going to be.

Screaming inside, I now accomplished my goal of not being terrified of heights . Was it true? Was I dreaming?

After our camp trip we wrote a recount of our favourite camp activity. This writing was 5 minutes of camp which meant that you had to write a 5 minute recount about your favorite activity in camp.  We wrote My favourite camp activity was probably the Flying Kiwi, I found this fun because I have never tried this before and it would be fun experiencing something else. I used the structure " T.R.E.E" which is Title, Reveal , Events and Ending. 

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